Bend Roads Tavern

If any of you were lucky enough to Witness Bent Roads Tavern tonight at the pit, it was really something to behold. I hope sincerely that they win so they can afford to record, they are so tight right now. I honestly believe they are as inspiring as groups who make unbelievable profits off their […]

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Well, maybe revalation is a little bit strong. But still, speaking with Sabrina on msn today I realized why I havn’t been getting any action lately. Rather than attempt a summery I’ll just include the text below: Tristan. says: I’ve been having a dry spell since I stopped seeing you. WhimsicalZephyr says: what kinda dry […]

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Summer place

I recently returned from visiting what might become my summer abode. It is a very sizable room in what appears to be a friendly and sizable house, somewhere near a street which the 25 and 7 run along. Although, for the summer I will cycle instead of bus. With no U-pass, the direct incentive will […]

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Essays, Illness

This morning is not a very happy one. I have realized that the paper I thought was due monday, is due friday. In fact, it is lucky it wasn’t due today. Also I seem to be coming down with strep throat. Stupid roomate had it, and didn’t tell anyone. Jerk. Well, at least by Friday […]

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New Pants

It’s true, this post isn’t actually about new pants at all. The title is a nod to an excellent metalwood song from “The Recline”. I highly recommend that record; in fact, I’m listening it to it right now. I have been productive lately. Today I handed in a short paper, read over half of Derrida’s […]

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