Bend Roads Tavern

If any of you were lucky enough to Witness Bent Roads Tavern tonight at the pit, it was really something to behold. I hope sincerely that they win so they can afford to record, they are so tight right now. I honestly believe they are as inspiring as groups who make unbelievable profits off their music. (We might recall that the “Dave Matthews Band” was the first band Dave was ever in – a college band that struck it large.) This all makes me less depressed about missing the Feist/Stars show.

Progress is being made on the Foucault/Spivak/Heidegger front, but I won’t bore you with it. Strange thing, a five pm deadline. Sickness is not materializing. Pathetic. Cries loudly into the night: “IS THIS THE BEST YOU CAN DO?”



Well, maybe revalation is a little bit strong. But still, speaking with Sabrina on msn today I realized why I havn’t been getting any action lately. Rather than attempt a summery I’ll just include the text below:

Tristan. says:
I’ve been having a dry spell since I stopped seeing you.
WhimsicalZephyr says:
what kinda dry spell?
Tristan. says:
no action
Tristan. says:
No “getting bu-sy”
WhimsicalZephyr says:
still feeling off-kilter that way?
WhimsicalZephyr says:
wow, that was a while ago!
Tristan. says:
Well, I’m still not lookign for anyone to date.
WhimsicalZephyr says:
hence the dry spell
Tristan. says:
I suppose what I really want is for intellectually stimulating beautiful people to jump at me, and want to sleep with me without many strings attached.

Summer place

I recently returned from visiting what might become my summer abode. It is a very sizable room in what appears to be a friendly and sizable house, somewhere near a street which the 25 and 7 run along. Although, for the summer I will cycle instead of bus. With no U-pass, the direct incentive will be there. I would be roomates with Chris, a very engaging colleague, perhaps the only one I know of who is more interested in Heidegger than myself.

I would very much enjoy living there, I think. Summer in the city, even if I’m working forty hours a week, seems unbelievably appealing. I should try to find that diving girl who said she could get me a job driving ferries.

Currently, and until 11, I am in the library, trying to work division 2 (of Heidegger’s Being and Time) as a possible alternative response to Foucault given Spivak’s criticisms of the Foucauldian project as applied to third world situations in A Critique of Postcolonial Reason. The logic is basically as follows: Foucault thinks that seeing power relations as themselves primary, as opposed to the product of economic situations, allows those who are in oppresive power relations which are not explicitly economic to participate in the struggle. Spivak then argues that Foucault’s “monist and unified” conception of power is only made possible by a certain stage in exploitation, and thus his possibility of privlidging Power relations over economic relations as an inclusionary move is specific to 1st world situations. Further, Foucault’s notion of the subject as standing in a power relation, while subtle, is not subtle enough (according to Spivak) to grasp “the Other as Subject” ( by other she means colonial other). Spivak’s response is that the Other must be included into hegemony in order to be heard as Subject. But, is this not to give in to Foucault’s implicit demands? Need we recognize the other as subject to access the subaltern as concious? I’m arguing no, and that heidegger’s structure of being-in, lostness, throwness, the call, (I’m probably going to dismiess authenticity and inauthenticity if I can, they are awfully problematic. or perhaps they will be useful; Spivak is epistomolgically liberal enough to allow us to search for ‘conciousness’ in the other!), can be an alternative account. The upshot: if we are to recognize the other as Dasein instead of as Subject, we need not adopt the other, but can rather strive to be-with the other without being-lost in our language games. Sure, I need to adopt a flagrant ontology, and it is fairly mystical. Alright, so it’s a bad idea. I’m sure you stopped reading two hundred words ago anyway…

Essays, Illness

This morning is not a very happy one. I have realized that the paper I thought was due monday, is due friday. In fact, it is lucky it wasn’t due today. Also I seem to be coming down with strep throat. Stupid roomate had it, and didn’t tell anyone. Jerk. Well, at least by Friday I’ll be mostly done the term.

New Pants

It’s true, this post isn’t actually about new pants at all. The title is a nod to an excellent metalwood song from “The Recline”. I highly recommend that record; in fact, I’m listening it to it right now.

I have been productive lately. Today I handed in a short paper, read over half of Derrida’s “Monolingualism and the Other”, and attended a disapointing 476 native lit lecture. After the class, (and after a grumpy discussion with some colleagues about my native lit class) I ran into Mathias on the 99 b-line. Mathias has deep interests in Heidegger, Derrida, and especially Nietzsche. His brilliance, calm demeanor, and knowledge of the academic community I wish to enter into ensures him a high level of respect from myself. He was on his way to Kwantlen, Surrey via SkyTrain. The sky train really is an excellent link to inferior places, and certainly improves life for people living in those places (I speak “those people” but that catagory has more often than not included myself).

Upon arriving downtown I rode the escalators up to Winners. First though, I had to pass a homeless person asking for money. When they realized that I was not giving them any money, he hissed at me. Perhaps it had something to do with my hair, beard, or cowichan jacket. It is not nice to be hissed at, but certainly is an understandable response from someone whom the system has left behind.

It was possibly the first time I have shopped at that kind of a store and not been bored stiff waiting for someone to find what they wanted. I walked directly to the size 12 male shoe shelf, picked out the 4 pairs of shoes that appealed to me, tried them on. When I decided which seemed the best, I laced them up and walked around the store for ten minutes. Satisfied, I paid for them and left. Fifty dollars may seem steep, but I seem to keep shoes for about a year so it’s less than 15 cents a day. Shoes are really excellent, certainly worth 15 cents a day. My life would be a lot worse without good shoes.

Aside from the brown leather shoes I chose between (arn’t I suppose to be a vegetarian?), I was intreaged by a simple red or blue addidas style pair, branded “Simple”. They were quite elegant, but 30$ seems to much to pay for running shoes that don’t appear like they would be very good for running at all. (Need “Simple” mean, “it appears like a simple athletic shoe but has none of the support”?). I also considered so called “Vegan” shoes, but they were thin-soled and made my feet look really small. Really very small, I’m not even kidding.

After buying shoes I purchased two slices of pizza from AM classic pizza, and went into Dunne and Rundle photography to see if they were selling anything interesting. If Neal is reading this, they are selling a minolta (I’m not certain if it’s rokkor) 135mm lens F3.5 for 40$ Canadian. I can pick it up for you if you like, I know you’re good for it. Yes, I know it’s a half stop slower than you want. Upon entering the store, what to my wondering eyes did appear but Erin! I hadn’t seen her since before she left for Australia, two years ago. We discussed what it means to have aspirations and dreams, our futures (she is off to Concordia to pursue fine Art). Currently she is engaged in an Art project demonstrating the fluidity of Gender. It proves you don’t need to read difficult theory to engage in the political act of destabalizing gender norms – you can just go out and perform non-traditional gender (speech) acts.

Hmmm, it seems like this journal is just “what I did today”. I would never write this down, other than for the fact I am such a great typist. If this bothers anyone, I will try to write less.