Well, maybe revalation is a little bit strong. But still, speaking with Sabrina on msn today I realized why I havn’t been getting any action lately. Rather than attempt a summery I’ll just include the text below:

Tristan. says:
I’ve been having a dry spell since I stopped seeing you.
WhimsicalZephyr says:
what kinda dry spell?
Tristan. says:
no action
Tristan. says:
No “getting bu-sy”
WhimsicalZephyr says:
still feeling off-kilter that way?
WhimsicalZephyr says:
wow, that was a while ago!
Tristan. says:
Well, I’m still not lookign for anyone to date.
WhimsicalZephyr says:
hence the dry spell
Tristan. says:
I suppose what I really want is for intellectually stimulating beautiful people to jump at me, and want to sleep with me without many strings attached.


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