New Dates

Sorry everyone, I need to adjust the date slightly. Apparently alot of people, including myself, have graduation ceremonies on the 27th. Thus considered, the new dates are the 28th till 31st.


More Exciting Times, especially to come!

At four thirty-five today I recieved a call to work tommorow and the day after for 8 hours. My first call-in as a PA (production-assistant)! Bad news also, however, Tina’s room (5th and discovery) costs 24$ a night. So, unless they want to pay me 25$ a day to tutor guitar, I basically cannot afford to live there. On the plus side, I might be able to get a room at Becky’s house, which is less than half of what Tina is asking.

Moving home went smoothly, and unpacking was productive today. Also, I’ve been painting the seats of our new boat. Speaking of the new boat, if you are reading this post (which is friends-only), you are invited to my 4 day weekend extravaganza at my parents cabin. After consulting several people as to their unchangable schedules, I have chosen the dates of may 27-30. I will be driving up on the 27th, from the vancouver-surrey area, hopefully in the morning, and I will have six free seats. Anyone who can drive, even if you can’t stay the entire weekend, is strongly encouraged to volunteer their automobile.

The cabin is approximatly one hour north of kamloops, 30min east of Barrier. About 4.5 hours total from Vancouver, if you drive the speed limit.

We will have (at least) one speedboat, and the weekend will involve lots of watersports, swimming, hiking, and other fun. For those of you who choose to drink, there is a liquor store in Barrier, but it closes for lunchtime because it has only a single employee.

Your cellphones will not work at the cabin, but there is a phone number (250-672-9269), so you don’t need to completely leave contact. If you need to call for directions, cellphones work in the kamloops area, and in downtown barrier. (At least the telus network). But that shoudn’t be neccesary because I will give you all such good directions!

I won’t post my great direcitons here, because it just seems really sketchy, rather email me at

Please RSVP asap, especially as concerns rides. There is a bus which will take you from vancouver greyhound bus depots to Barrier, where we could pick you up. It leaves every morning and costs 50$, so that might be a good option if you need to come up late/leave early.

I hope to see you all there! Well, not all of you. I think I have some people as “friends” who I don’t know, so their presence would be fairly odd to say the least.

Many excellent happenings

The last few days have been very excellent, very excellent indeed. Awards night was a huge success; I won the James Dean memorial award for most eXtreme roomate, “Did I just blow your mind!”, and Aleister gave me a pillow when I passed out. I woke up at 7, and trundled back to my fairview room still drunk. Bus out to crescent beach by 930 I was doing CISV energizers (no longer drunk, I think). Always nice to meet other CISV people. Natalie, a girl I met, very cute, but reminds me of another girl I dated. Which is just, awfully wierd. Also, I played strip poker.

My computer is working again, I’ve decided to purchase an 12 inch ibook, new, in a few months. (It works out to not a whole lot more expensive at all than a comparably equipped PC labtop, and much more durable).

I’ve got a cell phone (my mother is lending me hers). I’m not going to post the number on here, but if anyone wants it I’ll email it to them. I get few minutes, so its for work and for contacting me (which might get more difficult as I won’t be using the net as much).

Four down, one to go

Having completed the take home, and having decided that a read over isn’t neccesary (it’s not an essay, it’s an exam). 6500 words of an exam, actually. I’m about to drop it off at the philosophy department, after which I will have no excuse to be on the computer for the rest of the day. Rather, I should be studying for philosophy of Science tommorow at 3:30. I think it’s still possible that I could do well on this exam, which I would like to because I’ve gotten two A’s and an A- so far. Some sort of decent 85~ range grade is certainly possible. The real motivation is, however, the fact that as of 7 pm tommorow night, I will be finished this term’s worth of classes, and only a lowly french history course will seperate me from Undergraduate completion.

There is a certain satisfaction to completing in four years, or only slightly longer. Many amoung us have embraced the “five year plan” (or in Ashley’s case, the six year shebang!). In my case, I never expected to finish so quickly, even at the beginning of this year I had no idea I would graduate. (FIVE the years of the five year plan, FOUR the years we did it in).

Graduation, however, is not really about school or exams or classes at all, but rather their absence, or lack. At the beginning of the year, when I realized I would graduate, I was petrified. What will give structure (meaning?) to my life if I don’t have arbitrary exams papers and classes to use up my time? Oddly, the prospect of working, and earning money, has become exceedingly appealing to me (largely because the job I’m planning on seems quite good).

Graduate school is certainly something to look forward to, but almost as much is the prospect of moving away. Moving away from old friends, old problems, family, normalcy, and the oppertunity to establish oneself somewhere where one has never been, are all very appealing to me. Knowing me though, I’ll probably fuck it up.

As for the summer, there is a girl I have my eye on. I hope something happens between us, as she seems exceedingly intelligent/excellent/attractive, at least from the little I know her at present. I don’t think there would be anything wrong with beginning a relationship knowing I will be leaving in four months or so. Fairly rare for relationships to last that long anyway. And even if it did, and it was something to be depressed about upon departing, it would certainly be a welcome change to feel sad for the lack of something good, rather than for the proximity of great ill.

And I am off to the Philosophy department. (One last time…)

Dead computer, tristan, still alive

The Chapman learning commons is becoming my best friend. It’s really quite beautiful. Majestic at least. Well, I finished my 6500 word take home final for philosophy of space and time. Alot of my answers are simply narrating the readings, which I think is probably bad. Still, it demonstrates my competence with the questions, and I even have an argument about Hawking’s “nature abhors a time machine” stance.
I still havn’t started studying for Philosophy of Science. I really need to get on that. First thing in the morning I’ll come to the beanery, get a coffee, and bite into it. (I find allowing myself certain creature comforts like coffee out is a good strategy during exams)

The new summer plan is as such: find a place in the city for a month, or a month and a half. Perhaps two. Then move up to the cabin and work up there for the remainder, When finished up there, move back here and work on the movies some more until July 27th, or whenever the Germans get here.

From Chapmans

Being without a computer isn’t all bad, although being without a printer is worse (damned printer card machines…) On the upside, the project is finished; all I need do is print out the captions, cut them, and glue them into the book. I think I will goto the sub to print out the pages. However, I have to wait here until the guy whose stuff I’m watching returns.

After I get the project back again, I will scan the photos and place them on, complete with the captions I’ve written.

Very much looking forward to awards night.

My non-computer

So, an hour before my exam, while trying to print out a quote sheet which we were allowed to use during that exam, my computer decided not to boot. Apparently, it doesn’t have any memory. I tried opening it and inserting, re inserting the ram, or parts of it. Verdict is: computer’s dead, at least as much as I can figure for now. Luckily my papers are finished, although I have a take home final to write this coming week aswell as an exam to study for. I’ll figure something out.

I was lucky enought to be given at ticket to the AMS wine and beer festival for today. There is really a large problem with the festival. Namely, it comes with 35 sames, and samples are about a third of a drink. So, after using up about half of my samples, I was plastered at 1:30 pm. Luckily, however, I had to leave to meet with Allison. Allison, incidentally, rocks at guitar. She is very interested in Alice in Chains, and she has a great sense of rythym. She has decided she wants a Seagull guitar, probably a concert because its smaller than mine.

Milan’s end of term/graduation party was good fun. It was very enjoyable to speak with Greg, who made it for a while. It was also excellent to see Neal, I hope he likes the prints I made for him.

At some hour of the morning we headed off to Nick’s, where we ate popsicals, and spring roles and gyoza. Nick wants to watch “Elektra”, which we are doing now.

Hopefully I will aquire a 14 inch Ibook in the not so distant future. Or, perhaps, some much cheaper and worse PC labtop.

Beer and Ice Cream

Today was very enjoyable. After studying? this morning, I met Michelle at Koerners after she finished her Latin exam. It was her last exam as an undergraduate, all that remains is her thesis. We shared a pitcher of beer, and decided on a (drunken) whim to, upasses in hand, galavant off to an ice cream shop near her house. I had Tiremasu. It was excellent. I had to run, however, to meet Reed at Tina’s house for a guitar lesson. I was 40 minutes late, but they had forgotten I was coming, and should I have arrived at the correct time I would have found an empty house. After sharing an enjoyable dinner with Tina, I attempted to show Reid some basics on the guitar. His sense of Rythm is excellent. However, his fingers are small and this makes things difficult. I will perhaps consider getting him lighter gage strings for his guitar as to make it easier to fret chords. We wrote a song with the chords I taught him. Since I have nothing pressing to do, I will transcribe it here (hopefully the formatting will work out).

It was a dark and stormy night,
complete with thunder and lightning!
But it was happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy
happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy
It was the time of the battle between
the guys and the other guys
And they were happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy
happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy

Reid especially likes the “guys, and the other guys” part. Is it cacaphonic? It’s certainly not traditionally poetic, and I think that’s why he likes it. I hope very much I have the oppertunity to rent the room in their basement, it would be beyond excellent living quarters for the summer. Close to UBC, the dirty house, work (well, not to far from it at any rate), and friends (mostly UBC, North Van, Some Van and East van. No Surrey. Some white rock though).


I’ve started eating it. Alot. That’s how desperate I am to be healthy. Unfortunatly, being healthy is more than just eating healthy foods. It would involve not sitting around all day, procrastinating and studying. Luckily, I’m getting out of the house today. To go, to the pub. And also to give a guitar lesson. That should be fun.

Anchors away!