New Dates

Sorry everyone, I need to adjust the date slightly. Apparently alot of people, including myself, have graduation ceremonies on the 27th. Thus considered, the new dates are the 28th till 31st.

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More Exciting Times, especially to come!

At four thirty-five today I recieved a call to work tommorow and the day after for 8 hours. My first call-in as a PA (production-assistant)! Bad news also, however, Tina’s room (5th and discovery) costs 24$ a night. So, unless they want to pay me 25$ a day to tutor guitar, I basically cannot afford […]

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Many excellent happenings

The last few days have been very excellent, very excellent indeed. Awards night was a huge success; I won the James Dean memorial award for most eXtreme roomate, “Did I just blow your mind!”, and Aleister gave me a pillow when I passed out. I woke up at 7, and trundled back to my fairview […]

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Four down, one to go

Having completed the take home, and having decided that a read over isn’t neccesary (it’s not an essay, it’s an exam). 6500 words of an exam, actually. I’m about to drop it off at the philosophy department, after which I will have no excuse to be on the computer for the rest of the day. […]

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Dead computer, tristan, still alive

The Chapman learning commons is becoming my best friend. It’s really quite beautiful. Majestic at least. Well, I finished my 6500 word take home final for philosophy of space and time. Alot of my answers are simply narrating the readings, which I think is probably bad. Still, it demonstrates my competence with the questions, and […]

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From Chapmans

Being without a computer isn’t all bad, although being without a printer is worse (damned printer card machines…) On the upside, the project is finished; all I need do is print out the captions, cut them, and glue them into the book. I think I will goto the sub to print out the pages. However, […]

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My non-computer

So, an hour before my exam, while trying to print out a quote sheet which we were allowed to use during that exam, my computer decided not to boot. Apparently, it doesn’t have any memory. I tried opening it and inserting, re inserting the ram, or parts of it. Verdict is: computer’s dead, at least […]

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Beer and Ice Cream

Today was very enjoyable. After studying? this morning, I met Michelle at Koerners after she finished her Latin exam. It was her last exam as an undergraduate, all that remains is her thesis. We shared a pitcher of beer, and decided on a (drunken) whim to, upasses in hand, galavant off to an ice cream […]

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I’ve started eating it. Alot. That’s how desperate I am to be healthy. Unfortunatly, being healthy is more than just eating healthy foods. It would involve not sitting around all day, procrastinating and studying. Luckily, I’m getting out of the house today. To go, to the pub. And also to give a guitar lesson. That […]

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May Graduation

Upon speaking with Arts Adivising, it seems possible or even likely that I will be allowed to attend the May ceremonies, contingent on their accepting of my request. Apparently, the fact I will be in York this fall actually does count for something.

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