My non-computer

So, an hour before my exam, while trying to print out a quote sheet which we were allowed to use during that exam, my computer decided not to boot. Apparently, it doesn’t have any memory. I tried opening it and inserting, re inserting the ram, or parts of it. Verdict is: computer’s dead, at least as much as I can figure for now. Luckily my papers are finished, although I have a take home final to write this coming week aswell as an exam to study for. I’ll figure something out.

I was lucky enought to be given at ticket to the AMS wine and beer festival for today. There is really a large problem with the festival. Namely, it comes with 35 sames, and samples are about a third of a drink. So, after using up about half of my samples, I was plastered at 1:30 pm. Luckily, however, I had to leave to meet with Allison. Allison, incidentally, rocks at guitar. She is very interested in Alice in Chains, and she has a great sense of rythym. She has decided she wants a Seagull guitar, probably a concert because its smaller than mine.

Milan’s end of term/graduation party was good fun. It was very enjoyable to speak with Greg, who made it for a while. It was also excellent to see Neal, I hope he likes the prints I made for him.

At some hour of the morning we headed off to Nick’s, where we ate popsicals, and spring roles and gyoza. Nick wants to watch “Elektra”, which we are doing now.

Hopefully I will aquire a 14 inch Ibook in the not so distant future. Or, perhaps, some much cheaper and worse PC labtop.

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