Dead computer, tristan, still alive

The Chapman learning commons is becoming my best friend. It’s really quite beautiful. Majestic at least. Well, I finished my 6500 word take home final for philosophy of space and time. Alot of my answers are simply narrating the readings, which I think is probably bad. Still, it demonstrates my competence with the questions, and I even have an argument about Hawking’s “nature abhors a time machine” stance.
I still havn’t started studying for Philosophy of Science. I really need to get on that. First thing in the morning I’ll come to the beanery, get a coffee, and bite into it. (I find allowing myself certain creature comforts like coffee out is a good strategy during exams)

The new summer plan is as such: find a place in the city for a month, or a month and a half. Perhaps two. Then move up to the cabin and work up there for the remainder, When finished up there, move back here and work on the movies some more until July 27th, or whenever the Germans get here.

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