Many excellent happenings

The last few days have been very excellent, very excellent indeed. Awards night was a huge success; I won the James Dean memorial award for most eXtreme roomate, “Did I just blow your mind!”, and Aleister gave me a pillow when I passed out. I woke up at 7, and trundled back to my fairview room still drunk. Bus out to crescent beach by 930 I was doing CISV energizers (no longer drunk, I think). Always nice to meet other CISV people. Natalie, a girl I met, very cute, but reminds me of another girl I dated. Which is just, awfully wierd. Also, I played strip poker.

My computer is working again, I’ve decided to purchase an 12 inch ibook, new, in a few months. (It works out to not a whole lot more expensive at all than a comparably equipped PC labtop, and much more durable).

I’ve got a cell phone (my mother is lending me hers). I’m not going to post the number on here, but if anyone wants it I’ll email it to them. I get few minutes, so its for work and for contacting me (which might get more difficult as I won’t be using the net as much).

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