Cabin Feever: a big success

Thanks to everyone who attended the super-fun weekend. Here is a short summery for those who were unable to attend: Friday – we leave at “five”, actually seven. We make great time to the toll booth (not quite ashen, but good time). However, since Benn was driving his own car, and since his tires were […]

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New Camera

So, I’m officially entering the digital realm. My recent purchase of a Canon A510, however, does not mean I’m “giving up film”; there is no comparison between this camera and my SLR system, or even this camera and my tiny rollei 35. However, this camera doesn’t charge me money to take pictures, and I can […]

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An Unfortunate Event

I suppose today marks a kind of “first” in electronic life, as today I learned of Karen Furstand’s death via a friend’s livejournal entry, and surfed subsequently to several other livejournals and a blog to find out what I could of what has happened. I wouldn’t call Karen a friend, but we did no each […]

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A CISV weekend

This weekend confirmed my previous intuitions that CISV Victoria really is just that much better than CISV Vancouver. Their juniour branch board (“Steering”) is enthusiastic, intelligent, and plans mini-camps complete with activities which are fun for everyone, not only 10 year olds we hope to recruit for village delegations. They run interpretive activities which provide […]

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Cabin Feever

I need those who are interested in Attending my weekend retreat to email me about whether they want to come, whether they need to arrive/depart early, and if they can drive. Please email me at Tristan.laing AT

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After spending 2 hours setting the mikes up on the drums, we achieved the ultimate in utereo rock drum sound! (Yes, that’s a condensor mike taped to the wall, and an SM57 above the snare, a PG58 below the snare, and another sm57 infront of the bass drum). Also, we miked the guitar. We achieved […]

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