A CISV weekend

This weekend confirmed my previous intuitions that CISV Victoria really is just that much better than CISV Vancouver. Their juniour branch board (“Steering”) is enthusiastic, intelligent, and plans mini-camps complete with activities which are fun for everyone, not only 10 year olds we hope to recruit for village delegations. They run interpretive activities which provide a forum for different age groups to discuss very difficult issues. In the 14+ group, we actually ran into the question of to what extent do religious orginizations have the right to engage in practicises which, practiced by employers or governmental bodies, would be construed as charter violations, even hate crimes. Also, after meals there was unfailingly one hour of free time – a stark contrast of Vancouver’s usual “4 minutes before the next activity”. All these differences contributed to a weekend which was more relaxed, more fun, and more thought provoking than I believe the Vancouver camps provide to the kids.

Perhaps the most important gain made this weekend was networking with several steering members who promised to help us during our interchange’s Victoria mini camp. They all live within walking distance of UVIC campus, where we will be staying. Hopefully they will be able to give us an *insiders presepective* on the city, or at least a tour a little better than the one us non-victoriites could give. Perhaps we could even devise a rally (scavenger hunt), although since no one would know the town, it would need to be highly structured.

School begins tommorow, and despite the fact that I feel thoroughly post-UBC I am looking forward to it. I will arrive at UBC early, to purchase texts for the course, and to inspect the 12inch ibook which I intend on purchasing.

In other good news, my grandmother has offered to purchase a digital camera as a graduation gift. I am leaning towards the A400 or the A510, which Dave can sell me at London Drugs for 279, a seemingly appropriate price for a grandmother’s gift. Whether I will ask her to pay for the memory card (probably another 100$, I want a 1gig card) I have not yet decided. If anyone has suggestions for other models I should check out, place a comment!

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