New Camera

So, I’m officially entering the digital realm. My recent purchase of a Canon A510, however, does not mean I’m “giving up film”; there is no comparison between this camera and my SLR system, or even this camera and my tiny rollei 35. However, this camera doesn’t charge me money to take pictures, and I can delete the bad ones (and I actually do, unlike most). Mostly, I got it because I go through stages of means of documentation. In first year, I bought a voice recorder and went through a stage where I would record all my memories on audio tape. Writing, is of course, another favoured medium, although I never really began writing about my life regularly until I began this live journal. It seems thus a natural progression to visual displays; after I figure out the photobucket system, I may go an entire month posting nothing but photos. I’m interested in how photos alone can tell the story of one’s life. I know that for now they will definitly do well to supplement it. For example, I didn’t take my camera to work today, but if I had I could have illustrated quite accuratly what most of my day looked like with 2 small photographs. And, I could have photographed the amusingly painted port moody parks truck, and some of the neat people I work with.

For now, the only photos I’ve actually taken were right after I got the camera. They are on, where all my online photos live:

Enjoy! And comment (here)


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