The odds of having a while buffalo calf…

This week is short, hopefully sweet. Hopefully work, Laptop choice is basically made: 14inch ibook for 1349 at UBC bookstore (no extras, other than a video cable).

On to more pressing business: Cabin Feever! This friday (provisionally, otherwise saturday) till next tuesday I shall be back at my parents cabin with my friends! (Some of you, hopefully!) If anyone needs information about directions, or a ride (there are seats free in various vehicles travelling at various times), call me. If you don’t have my number, email me (tristan.laing at, this works almost as well and I’ll call you or email you my phone number.

The weekend will be pirate themed, with a themed party at smuggler’s cove (marine transportation depending). I can’t wait to see you all (more like you some) there. We’ve done an excellent job of hiding my parents liquor – so bring your own! There is a liquor store in Barrier, and I’m sure people will do a run to it. We should do a real run to it! We have bikes, we could bike to town. It’s only 30km, up hill both ways.

In a side note, I think “hopeful” might be the most common “mood” in livejournal. You think?

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