After work monday, (10 hr day – full day rate!) I headed out to Michelle and Alana’s to visit and see a lecture entitled “Globalization and its discontents”. Hanging out with Alana before michelle got home was enjoyable, we went shopping at a store with no english and she bought take out greek food at […]

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I have a request for birthday gifts. Instead of buying me things, just bring a few CDs that you think I would like. I’ll rip them on my ibook, and you can take them home. Here are some requests -All of Radiohead (I’m missing most of it, sadly) -Jazz -Lesbian Punk -Other good things

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Quite a weekend

Wow, I don’t think I remember it all. What did I do friday? Oh wait, I worked till 2am. Saturday I headed into Vancouver for Gastown Jazz, and to meet up with Alaisdair and Jordie. ZBut first, I happened to run into Mike, a person I met at Sarah Edwards birthday party. Free Jazz is […]

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Friends entry

My cell is 604-328-2514. My home is 574-5681 if for some reason you need to call me at home. wierdo. Oh, also, if there is a party at my house on saturday, you would be welcome to stay the night, but I’ll kick you out fairly early cause I’m heading back to GASTOWN. Also, you […]

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Gastown Jazz

So, it’s my favorite time of the year again – Jazz in Vancouver’s scenic Gastown district. They shut the streets to cars (ewww cars), the streets fill with people, and jazz eminates (blasts?) from three stages at different ends of streets. The stages are far enough apart that groups can play at the same time […]

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Fish – animals?

It’s come to my attention that it is very important that I know how people consider fish. So, everyone please comment on the following sentence, do you agree or disagree (not, “do you recognize it from the song”). “It’s ok to eat fish, cause they don’t have any feelings” Or in other words, do you […]

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Oh, I just wanted to take the oppertunity to say that my favorite colour is orange. Also, I don’t mean to be presumptuous, but I assume there are at least a few people who read this blog who will want to get me some sort of birthday gift. Don’t feel like you need to get […]

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Valerie’s going away Beach Bonfire

After a lazy day (except for the hardcore drainage digging) and an enjoyable meal with family, I caught a ride down to crescent beach for Valerie’s I’m-going-away-for-the-summer bonfire. Also, Stefen was there (he wanted me to mention that). It was enjoyable to spend time with Valerie, and to see people I hadn’t seen in a […]

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Last Night

No, the world didn’t end. But I did pretend to lose my cell phone. Last night Dave, Vashti and I headed into Vancouver via Skytrain to see Erin’s art show opening at Cafe Deux Soleil (cafe two suns?) (Geneva?). It was excellent to see Erin, a friend of mine from years ago that I’ve never […]

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