After work monday, (10 hr day – full day rate!) I headed out to Michelle and Alana’s to visit and see a lecture entitled “Globalization and its discontents”. Hanging out with Alana before michelle got home was enjoyable, we went shopping at a store with no english and she bought take out greek food at a pizza place. We walked to the lecture, which I found very enjoyable, (Alana not so much – her shoes are bad). I would not have thought to walk to the lecture, but it only took about 45 minutes.

The lecture itself featured two speakers: Joseph E. Siglitz, the author of the book “Globalization and its Discontents” (also the winner of the nobel prize (not really the nobel prize) of economics for his work on imperfect information in 2001), and Dr. Stefano Zamagni. Zamagni stole the show; his accent quickly won over the crowd, and his style of speaking kept people entertained in a way that Siglizt was unable. Also, he attacked problems at a much more fundamental level. For example, during question period two questions were posed at once so the speakers could pick which question they would like to awnser. After two questions, Stiglizt choose to briefly describe the obvious and simple concept of imperfect information; something which many in the room could have done more adaquatly. Zamagni choose to attack specifically the question which had attacked the position taken up by Stiglitz for saying that 99% of economists are wrong, by speaking briefly about the assumptions of classical economics and their insanity. This was emblamatic of the lecture in General; Stiglitz explained simple problems well and offered reasonable solutions, whereas Zamagni explained complex problems and attacked them at an epistomological level. Perhaps his most important point was about how we are no longer plagued primarily with conflicts of interest, but rather with conflicts of identity. Whereas a “conflict of interest” assumes that people want things, want to have things, conflicts of identity have to do with how people in power self identify/wish to be identified as and how that produces and guides their decision making process. A simple example of this is the gay marriage bill: the church appealed to the ‘concience’ of MPs, in other words their identity as Christians. Many of them decided that their religious identity was in conflict with their civic identity and chose their civic identity as a basis for their decision in the free vote. Zamagni’s point was that we generally assume that we can deal with conflicts of identity in the same way as we dealt with conflicts of interest; in terms of what people have/want/are in a position to get. But, in a profound way conflicts of idenity are not about having but rather about being. Thus, the almost Heidegarian phrase: “the conflict of identity must be deliniated in the dimension of being”.

After walking back to Michelle’s house, Michelle’s student Marc came over. Speaking with him in French, with Alana, was enjoyable. He was from montreal, but recently living in Quebec City. I played songs on Alana’s guitar, and eventually went to sleep on their futon. This was because Alana and I had decided to see Ugetsu+4 at CBC’s studio 1 on the next day at noon. The concert was really excellent, we were lucky to even get in it was so packed. I stayed for both sets, Alana stayed for only one but thoroughly enjoyed it. I spoke briefly with the drummer after the second set, asking him if he did in fact have three ride cymbals. He responded: “Three cymbals. You can ride them, crash them, whatever you want. A cymbal is a cymbal.” Does anyone have a comment on this statement? I suppose if you have thin rides that are 16-18 inch, they arn’t really one or the other. Still, my brothers drum set definitly has one cymbal whch is a crash, and one which is a ride. No doubting that.

Today I got called into work at the last minute, and had to cancel my awesome plans to go to the jazzz fest with my little brother. I actually momentarily forgot about my plans, and I really should have turned down work to hang out with simon. But, on the plus side I am 160$ richer (some of which I will use to buy Salmon and beer for monday’s party).

See some of you on monday!



I have a request for birthday gifts. Instead of buying me things, just bring a few CDs that you think I would like. I’ll rip them on my ibook, and you can take them home. Here are some requests

-All of Radiohead (I’m missing most of it, sadly)
-Lesbian Punk
-Other good things

Quite a weekend

Wow, I don’t think I remember it all. What did I do friday? Oh wait, I worked till 2am. Saturday I headed into Vancouver for Gastown Jazz, and to meet up with Alaisdair and Jordie. ZBut first, I happened to run into Mike, a person I met at Sarah Edwards birthday party. Free Jazz is mostly mediocre jazz, so the best thing about Gastown Jazz is the people you go with/meet there. We shared enjoyable conversation, and tasty drinks on a patio when we were too thirsty from our discussions of Germany to stand it otherwise. Pierre Labbe ensemble would have been worth money to see, everything else that we saw was lackluster. When Jordie and Alaisdair found us, Mike left suddenly, not giving me a chance to pay him for my drink. Well, I’ll get his next time (if there is a next time?). Alaisdair wanted a drink, so we went to the Cambie. On a side note, I love the Cambie. It’s cheap, dirty, cheap. The food is great. I’m definitly taking the Germans there. After a drink or two, we met indecisive Rachel and the three of them went to dinner. I, however, took the skytrain back to surrey to see King Crab play their second show. The show went well (especially because their opening band was so awful). I really enjoyed their set, especially Josh’s excellent guitar playing. I’m amazed at how tight they were, especially since they’ve rehearsed relatively little.

On Sunday I headed into Vancouver to give Mathias back his bag. I met him at a house near Trout Lake Park, my favorite park in the city (although I’ve been there a depressingly small number of times). There, I sat on the porch and read Carlos Castenada, and met 2 excellent musiciens who were playing a gig later that night; Jack and Neal. There was a party there that night, for the cast of Alice in Wonderland – something I knew nothing about and perhaps one person in. So, I left early to meet Milan at… the Cambie for a drink before the Concert we had tickets to – Humcrusher @ Performance works on Granville Island.

I very much enjoyed the show, although I can’t say the same for Milan. Mathias and Lauren, who joined us later, appeared to enjoy the beats. I wished to buy a CD, but was unable to – lack of funds. I could have written check I suppose, or attemped to pass of my American dollars at par. That probably would have been a good trade. Regardless, if anyone has the oppertunity to purchase the HumCrusher CD, (perhaps at HMV, they were sponsoring the show), I would very much like it as a Birthday gift. Or, barring that, I would be happy to pay you for it.

Friends entry

My cell is 604-328-2514. My home is 574-5681 if for some reason you need to call me at home. wierdo.

Oh, also, if there is a party at my house on saturday, you would be welcome to stay the night, but I’ll kick you out fairly early cause I’m heading back to GASTOWN.

Also, you guys rock.

Gastown Jazz

So, it’s my favorite time of the year again – Jazz in Vancouver’s scenic Gastown district. They shut the streets to cars (ewww cars), the streets fill with people, and jazz eminates (blasts?) from three stages at different ends of streets. The stages are far enough apart that groups can play at the same time on both stages without being able to hear one from the other.

I will be there both days, For only a few hours (12-5?) on Saturday, but till the end (about 730) on Sunday. You are all welcome to Join me. Everyone on my friend’s list even get’s to see my cell phone number, if you don’t already have it. I’ll have it with me so, if you’re in the area feel free to give me a call and we can meet up. Paper bagged scotch optional.

Oh, also, I have the house to myself this weekend, so I might have a party after Dave’s concert on saturday night. Ethical Addictions in langley at 6. You should all come! King crab rocks! If you come with me, you can get a ride (car! great!) from the skytrain to EA. After the concert there will hopefully be a post-concert party at my house. No random totem people allowed.

Fish – animals?

It’s come to my attention that it is very important that I know how people consider fish. So, everyone please comment on the following sentence, do you agree or disagree (not, “do you recognize it from the song”).

“It’s ok to eat fish, cause they don’t have any feelings”

Or in other words, do you think fish are things that can feel, like a cat or a dog (don’t tell me you don’t think cats and dogs feel). Or, do you see it more like an automoton, like celery. I don’t want your rational awnser, I want your first intuition. Thankyou.

Does anyone know where the love of God goes, when the waves turn the minutes to hours

I’ve always wondered why that line is able to, out of a completely normal emotional state, bring me to tears. I’ve never lost a loved one at sea. I think I understand now. It’s turmoil, followed by loss – out of the blue. Here one day, gone the next – and what happens in between is epic, terryfing; sublime. While perhaps descriptors like “epic” and “sublime” are to heroic and grand to explain what was probably the swift end to a friendship last wensday (but can an ending be swift if you have no choice but to spend the night?). But, the basic structure remains; calm, storm, death. But this line isn’t simply about loss at sea, it’s specifically about the moment of turmoil. The moment where “the waves turn the minutes to hours”. There were hours there, in those minutes, and days in the hours. The ‘love of God” is of course a non-squitor, but it sounds nice in the line. This recent breach is a relativly unimportant example of this phenomenon too; there were many hourful minutes around the breaking point of Chris’ and I’s relationship. I dreamt about her last night. Not a dream that in anyway related or included the knowledge of our actual breakup, it was sort of an alternate story where I had been lost (at sea?), and returned, only to find her with another. But I went on living at her place, which was our place. But not together. God, this isn’t like a shipwreck at all. Well, nevermind then.


Oh, I just wanted to take the oppertunity to say that my favorite colour is orange. Also, I don’t mean to be presumptuous, but I assume there are at least a few people who read this blog who will want to get me some sort of birthday gift. Don’t feel like you need to get me a birthday gift. You don’t need to bring anything, hell I’ll be blown away by the fact that you even show up. However, if you are so inclined, there are a few books which I am very much in want of, and would make very very excellent birthday gifts. Such as…

Immanuel Kant – The Critique of Judgement (Cambridge Edition, Blue.)
Butler – Gender Trouble
Hegel – Phenomenology of Spirit
Nietzsche – The Late Writings
Deleuze – Thousand Plateaus

They are not the cheapest books in the world (although, probably could be picked up second hand with some searching). If you are of the opinion that there is something I should read, then by all means ignore this list and bring me that. It would probably do me a lot of good to read something about something which is actually happening. Just, please no pop histories of science, and no “introduction to” anthologies. Unless we’ve already had an argument about them.

Valerie’s going away Beach Bonfire

After a lazy day (except for the hardcore drainage digging) and an enjoyable meal with family, I caught a ride down to crescent beach for Valerie’s I’m-going-away-for-the-summer bonfire. Also, Stefen was there (he wanted me to mention that). It was enjoyable to spend time with Valerie, and to see people I hadn’t seen in a while, people that I never knew very well but was glad to see nonetheless.

It was a bit odd being at a bonfire, namely because the last one was so long ago. Possibly the last beach fire I went to was after the end of first year, Josh’s birthday. In the rain, down under the railway bridge.

Tommorow I have a picnic and BIKING WITH RACHEL. I am so excited!!! And possibly in the coming days, Christine and I will be able to excercise our provisional biking plan – to bike from her house to crescent beach, to White Rock Beach, and back again. (A fair trek, with it’s share of hills and valleys). Mostly the point of that would be that I don’t know Christine in real life, but we have many mutual friends and we’ve hit it off well on msn over the last few months – it seems that meeting in real life would be the smart thing to do.

On another note, I’ll be having a birthday party, at my house in cloverdale, on July 4th. If I know you, you’re invited. And, I should know you, if you’re reading my blog. There will be a barbeque (yes! new bbq! natural gas!) and a concert. It will feature bands such as: The Brother’s Laing (featuring Dave!), and possibly some other band, Cosine probably. If you have a band who wants to play, get in touch.

So, bring your own beverages and meat (or non-meat if your veg like me), and get ready to part-ay. As usual, transit is a friggin hassle, so if it’s the most convinient thing for you, it’s alright if people stay over. We have lots of beds and sleeping bags and things. And we tend to eat good breakfasts here – pankakes or waffles. With fruit. Ok. Going to bed now. Goodnight everyone.

Last Night

No, the world didn’t end. But I did pretend to lose my cell phone. Last night Dave, Vashti and I headed into Vancouver via Skytrain to see Erin’s art show opening at Cafe Deux Soleil (cafe two suns?) (Geneva?). It was excellent to see Erin, a friend of mine from years ago that I’ve never quite dropped out of contact with. Valeria and her date Rob were also there, aswell as Milan, and Michelle showed up later.

Milan had many ideas about how we were going to “get” the person who had “stolen” my cell phone, even after it became apparent that the purpetrator was Dave. I don’t agree that it was “unfortunate” that my cell phone wasn’t really lost simply because we could have lured the unfortunate theif into a back ally and through not entirely legal means, gotten my cellphone back from him. I believe the quote of the night was spoken by Rob, who exclaimed, “But the point is, you COULD fight the homeless person”. And yes, I suppose I could, but inflicting pain, and having pain inflicted on me (outside the bedroom that is), is not my idea of a good time.

It was really excellent to speak with Michelle, even yelling over the loud music it was perhaps the most normal conversation we’ve had in months. She invited me to go dancing today, but alas I have a final exam. A final exam? Before finals during the year there is a distinct feeling of unease that begins brewing about a week before the final is to be written. In this course, it is more a distinct feeling of absurdity: we have learned so little, how am I to write an exam? My plan is simple, and reminicent of much lower levels of edumacation: read through all the lecture notes slowly and carefully, and go over my “Precis”, which are short essays written about each of the readings. Hopefully I will have something intelligent to say, but I am not counting on it. I am crossing my fingers that my calltime tommorow is a late one, because I have plans to go out with Leah after class and get smashed. My call time really could be 5am, or 5pm, or anywhere in between. She really wants to have a plan as to where to go to get smashed, and she smashed my suggestion of the Cambie – so, other suggestions anyone?