Welcome Party

Today was the first day of the Germans being here. I took Laura through some of Vancouver; from the Main Street Skytrain down to gastown, and over to Canada place. We then had lunch at the Bryce’s, drove to burnaby to pick up a curtain, drove to Delta for the welcome party, drove to Cloverdale for a home visit, then came home.

That’s, actually, quite a lot.

It’s great to be back with the Germans. Having our whole interchange together at the welcome party was like last summer – only better. I feel very much at ease with the kids, and I get the sense that many of them feel very at ease with me. They are growing – mentally and physically. The tallest one is even taller! We seem to be settling back into the same routine. Hopefully the language barrier will not be as bad this time – partially because we are more sensitive to it, and partially because they have had more english.

Tommorow – playing courier with lost luggage, a swim, and fireworks! Hopefully I will be able to get ahold of and convince Michelle to come to the fireworks, as I havn’t seen her in far too long, and actually miss her quite a bit. It’s becoming more and more apparent to me that and how I am going to miss people while I am in toronto. I think I will miss a fairly large group of people aproximatily the same amount, which will be acceptable, and I will miss a smaller more select group of people a much greater amount.


Pies, Tarru Potta

So, tonight I didn’t go to the fireworks. And I didn’t get to see Michelle. But, we did make 12 personal size pies for the Germans arriving tommorow. Good news – I’m seeing a friend tommorow morning. (Yes, the morning – isn’t that an interesting time to see someone?). And tonight I watched Harry Potter 3 – with Chinese subtitles. Thanks to the internet.

The last German-free night this summer, almost. I’m looking forward to their arrival, but I’m scared that i’ll see even less of my friends this last month. You can all help by calling me, I do want to make time to see my friends. My cell is 328-2514.

So, the interchange is only days away. Today we recorded the interchange song, tonight we are working on the song-book. For those of you who don’t know what the “interchange” is, it’s a 2 year exchange programs for 10 Canadian and 10 German kids (not always these nationalities, but in this case). Last year I spent August in Munich, and this summer the Germans are coming here! They will be here for about a month starting this thursday night. We’re taking them on Camps to Victoria and Bowen island, to Playland, Kayaking, and on many other activities. One of the German leaders will be staying with me. It’s going to be one hell of a month. All friends interested in meeting the German leaders, I will try to bring them to drinky-drinky night if possible. (it might not be actually possible), but I will arrage some goings-out which you will be invited to. Possibly, the cambie? (I love that place!)

Hi Vashti. I know you’re reading this. Wasn’t that spooky?

Another day in Extra’s holding

So, another long day in Extra’s holding. Enjoyable, also. I met Alicia, a girl who I was apparently in high school with for the beginning of Grade 12 (she was in Mr Senger’s creative writing class winter term 2000 if anyone else was. Dave I’m looking in your direction). She was around all day yesterday, but never spoke to me until she saw me reading Heidegger and asked if the collection I had included a certain essay. We spent much of the day discussing Heidegger and spirituality, and telling stories of our lives. Even better, she asked for my email to stay in touch. If she emails me soon, I will invite her to Milan’s gathering on Sunday.

Being approached and asked about a Heidegger essay was the single greatest moment in my life in the movie industry.

Wonderful Extras

Today was my first day on the L-word. I didn’t meet any of the crew, or actors. Instead, they had me set up and take care of Xtras holding all day. Which meant I was very nearly as lazy as an extra. Which was excellent.

I suppose Extras can be whatever they are, but this group was excellent. Two girls, Christine and, I don’t remember the others name, attended Emily Carr and were very interesting to talk to, with very specific and interesting tastes in music. Also, there was a girl named Ray who was exceedingly attractive, and quite foul mouthed in a way that screamed one-night-stand. She did have me rub sunscreen all over her back. Maybe I’ll give her my number tommorow.

Becoming a Street Artist

Today was an interesting day. Today Tashanna’s plan of having our CISV kids paint, and sell their paintings to strangers to raise money for activities came to fruition. I was put on edge when I learned that we would each be doing our own paintings (she had prepared nine “Canvasses”, i.e. pieces of thin wood painted white, procured from the studio), but it ended up much better that way. I was very impressed with much of the kids work, and I regret not purchasing Erica’s (who is not even a delegate but a delegate’s friend) work, which included a face without eyes eminating blue energy and a bust of the world. It was the painting that I was entrusted to sell (we exchanged works before going out to sell them), and I called it “Worldly Emanations of Spirit” or something similar. The man who purchased it, for a scant 4.50$ (like I said, I should have bought it myself), actually cried at its beauty. While it was not the highest money fetching painting, it did affect its purchaser the most. Other highlights included my painting selling for 6$ (despite most of the kids thinking it was crap. And, in important ways it was. I had attempted a very “modern art” represenation of Canada which consisted mostly of smudges of paint. Milan would have hated it). Also, my brother’s painting sold for 20$ (the highest grossing painting, by a factor of 3). Lowlights included me not bringing a camera, so the visual represenations of “World” and “home” were lost forever, except Lisa’s and Louise’s paintings, which I took home for a very reasonable 6$. Louise’s painting, “Hearts on Sticks” as I’ve named it, is truly excellent. Perhaps I will photograph it with my father’s digital camera (mine is broken) and post it online.

After the meeting, Simon and I proceeded back to Surrey were we enjoyed a wonderful summer barbequed meal, which included Chicken and Ling Cod, aswell as roasted vegetables (on the grill, my new specialty), and herb focada bread. After dinner, Simon and I rode to Cloverdale to rent “Goodbye Lenin”, which we watched in the late evening. I hope my family enjoyed it, I didn’t get a chance to ask them afterwards I was so enthralled in the special features. Also, I had poured myself what I judged to be a glass of cognac (a very expensive one, which I was given several years ago), but in effect was probably closer to two, or two and a half drinks. So, three hours later, I am still reasonable intoxicated.

What I failed to do today was give my mother and father their birthday present. I wasn’t in a good enough mood to dispense gifts on this non-significant date (my mothers birthday is in a few days, my fathers a few days ago, but they are getting one and the same gift). Perhaps tommorow will offer a chance. First though, I need to finish watching Goodbye Lenin’s special features. Adios.

Galiano Biking Success

The one day biking extravaganza was an ultimate success. This morning, Simon, Milan and I ferried our bikes to the fabulous Gulf Islands. We rode most of the way down the island, saw StoneWorld, hung out in a cave, and ate an amazing dinner at the Market (highly recommended). To avoid: Montegue Bay; a hangout for boaters and drivers with no taste. Even the music was better at the Market. In total, we probably rode 40 or more kilometers, almost all of which was up or downhill.

I liked Galiano so much, I might try to organize a repeat adventure when the Germans are here. It would give Uli and Laura a real BC, camping experience.