Welcome Party

Today was the first day of the Germans being here. I took Laura through some of Vancouver; from the Main Street Skytrain down to gastown, and over to Canada place. We then had lunch at the Bryce’s, drove to burnaby to pick up a curtain, drove to Delta for the welcome party, drove to Cloverdale […]

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Pies, Tarru Potta

So, tonight I didn’t go to the fireworks. And I didn’t get to see Michelle. But, we did make 12 personal size pies for the Germans arriving tommorow. Good news – I’m seeing a friend tommorow morning. (Yes, the morning – isn’t that an interesting time to see someone?). And tonight I watched Harry Potter […]

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American Psycho

Watching this film again. Raises the question, is it relavent now? Or, has anti-decadence become chique? I suppose not. Any yuppies to comment, perhaps some yuppie fans of the film?

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So, the interchange is only days away. Today we recorded the interchange song, tonight we are working on the song-book. For those of you who don’t know what the “interchange” is, it’s a 2 year exchange programs for 10 Canadian and 10 German kids (not always these nationalities, but in this case). Last year I […]

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Another day in Extra’s holding

So, another long day in Extra’s holding. Enjoyable, also. I met Alicia, a girl who I was apparently in high school with for the beginning of Grade 12 (she was in Mr Senger’s creative writing class winter term 2000 if anyone else was. Dave I’m looking in your direction). She was around all day yesterday, […]

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Wonderful Extras

Today was my first day on the L-word. I didn’t meet any of the crew, or actors. Instead, they had me set up and take care of Xtras holding all day. Which meant I was very nearly as lazy as an extra. Which was excellent. I suppose Extras can be whatever they are, but this […]

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Becoming a Street Artist

Today was an interesting day. Today Tashanna’s plan of having our CISV kids paint, and sell their paintings to strangers to raise money for activities came to fruition. I was put on edge when I learned that we would each be doing our own paintings (she had prepared nine “Canvasses”, i.e. pieces of thin wood […]

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Galiano Biking Success

The one day biking extravaganza was an ultimate success. This morning, Simon, Milan and I ferried our bikes to the fabulous Gulf Islands. We rode most of the way down the island, saw StoneWorld, hung out in a cave, and ate an amazing dinner at the Market (highly recommended). To avoid: Montegue Bay; a hangout […]

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Bike Trip Alteration

New Plan: Galiano – Gulf Island bike trip shortened to 1 day. Saturday. Leave Twsassen 825 arrive Galiano 920, leave Gali 825 arrive home 920. Perfect! A day of biking, adventuring, pic-niking! Everyone interested please message me soon! Tristan

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