Going-away weekend

So, friday was my going-away party. We met at the Foundation restaurant, and proceeded later to the Cambie. Dinner was excellent; I had a creamy, spicy curry. Meaghan gave me a teddy bear and a bag of silly straws. The Cambie was a bit difficult, not so much for us who arrived with the first group, but those who arrived later had to bear an ever increasing line-up. High points of the Cambie included drinking Beer straight from the pitcher with straws.At about ten, Milan, Alana and I decided to do something about it and moved to Subeez, coercing others to follow. Subeez was truly excellent – dark, loud but sparse music. Most important though – the people. Unfortunatly Jordie and I were not able to get one last chess game in, but it was good at least to see him before I take off. It was also excellent to spend time with Alana, something I always find much more enjoyable than I would expect. Maddy is always a total blast – the last time I hung out with her was right after Stina and I split – it was halloween and I drank a 26 of rum (amoung other things), ending up at the dirty house. I also saw Christine for, the fourth time, although we both feel like we’ve known each other for much longer. As friends go, she is really quite a find. Also, it was great to see Neal – always an interesting person with which to converse. Sonny, Jeremy, Emily and Andre came aswell, but I didn’t speak with them as much as I would have liked. They did not follow us to Subeez – a relocation which in retrospect was at least a bit rude. (But, it’s not like we were going to get back into the Cambie after going outside to say Hi to others who were never going to get in). I did however learn that Jeremy and I share many of my new musical interest, and I had written on my hand a song which I absolutely had to download. I think it was called “the hardest walk”, by Jesus and Mary Chain.

At the end of the night I crashed at Meaghan’s friend Thomas’ house. Rising at an exteremly late hour, we found the most cliche english diner, had mediocre fish and chips (the cook, in all fairness, was very authentically english – the same cannot be repeated for any of the staff). We proceeded to go down to Wreck Beach, picking up make shift beach towels on the way (actually coorperate auto advertising banners, rolled up conveniently for our use). Wreck was fun – the first time I’ve been to wreck in the summer with naked people, also a first for the whole public nudity thing. 5$ Stella was well worth it, complemented by some watery Gin provided by Thomas. Spontaeously, we all decided to all go to Marsha’s Pig Roast in Cloverdale. 2 hours later (ag, the bus, which I love but also wish it were faster). Oh, and on the way I ran into Sasha W. at Broadway Granville, which was a very pleasant encounter. Sasha is spoken of highly by Milan, and for good reason. She wishes to become a high school teacher, because she believes that we do not give young people the credit they deserve, and that we would all be better off if we did. I think she will make a wondrous highschool teacher. It would be an honourable task to go down that road myself, if I had the patience. I’m simply not interested, however, in teaching those who are not there to learn. I’ve never seen myself as a muse, as an inspirer – which for a highschool teacher is just as important as competently presenting the material. I would much rather intereact with students in a less Hegelian (Master/Slave) capacity, something which I think is made all the more possible when class is truly just a group of students, professor included, confronting a text. (Highschool class certainly doesn’t have to be simply master/slave teacher/student, but the relationship knower/learner adult/child is much more of a barrier to breach when expertise is so disproportionatly allocated.)

Bringing unknown guests to the Pig Roast went very well, especially because I didn’t know too many other people there. Mairin and Marie were interesting to see. I’ve always found Marie to be a pleasant person to interact with. We always got along fairly well, as far back as grade 10 when we worked together on the Theory of Knowledge “Utopia project”. That said, we never really became friends. Something I would regret if I did not have so many other excellent friends – a fact the previous night firmly re-inforced.

Oh, I use to be a farmer and I made a living fine….


Going Away Party

Ok, so “everyone’s confused as hell” – Anonymous. Not my fault, I just recently heard the details. Jordie says the party is this friday – starting at 6 at Foundation Restaurant on Main street, and moving to the Cambie by 830. He doesn’t say what day it is, but I’m fairly certain it’s this friday. I hope you can all make it, I’m really going to miss you guys.


A Night

While the original plan of having the German leaders meet some of my friends failed, I suceeded at least to myself see some of my better friends. Sadly Michelle came much to early and left, missing myself by about 3 hours. Everything happened behind schedule today, except her. This is a bit unfortunate, as I am always exceptionally sad when plans with Michelle fall through. The original plan of leaving playland at 4, hitting the naam, and then keorners pub by about 630 turned into a bbq at Ricks starting at about 630, the girls getting to tired to go to the bar, and myself ditching them to catch my friends at the bar, arriving at about 9. (I’m mostly explaining that in case anyone else showed up and I wasn’t there). A Pitcher of nut brown was shared (paid for by me, but I actually drank very little as I was driving). It really is an exceedingly excellent beer. I shall quite miss it if it is not availalbe in Ontario. After Dave, Vashti and Valerie (which is which?) left, I gave Milan, Rachel and I the majical mystery tour of north west campus, stopping by the library under the guise of “You should probably follow me, you don’t know where my car is”. We ended up walking back to marine through Vanier, and came upon Meaghan Beattie’s camp. She wasn’t there, but a note was left and photos were taken to prove that we actually visited her there. After finding the car, we drove to the Naam were I had pie, rachel had choclat cake, and milan had the closest thing to poutine that they had. Milan wanted to go to the poutine shop downtown, which would havfe been good but I was quite in the mood for pie, and so was Rachel, and I was driving, so.. It was an excellent Naam experience, with oddly quick service, although the waiter was less polite than usual. I drove Rachel (49th and west boulevard) and Milan (capilano road north vancouver) home before returning to cloverdale. However, I spent about an hour in north van before actually leaving, mostly speaking with his brother about his film projects and some music. He has made me a DVD whose materials I have quite excited to view, and which also includes many musical albums I am very excited about hearing.

Bike Trip moved to Sunday, Bar Night moved to Monday

As you see by the title- the two events you are invited to have been pushed back 1 day.

The Bike Trip will leave Twassen on the 9am ferry for swarts bay, catching the 11am to Fullford harbour, arriving at noon. (yes, I know it’s an awfully long trip). We will ride to Rocky point, and then to Ganges, and catch the 9pm ferry home, arriving at 10:30.

The Bar Night will happen Monday Night – still either at the Cambie or Keorners, but I’m leaning towards Koerners because I think Laura would prefer it. Also, Keorners might not be so painfully dead on a monday. We have an activity the next day – but not till the afternoon


Bar Night with the Germans

I’m organizing a bar night in honour of the German Leaders, specifically my partner Laura Van der Helde. She hosted me in Munich last August, and showed me a wonderful time in Bavaria, including Munich, Franconia, a small town where her family still owns a house and they have horse cart racing, and also Berlin (not in Bavaria). I hope many of my friends can make it. As to where it should be, I am thinking either the Cambie or Keorners at UBC. Both are excellent bars, and I assume the Cambie won’t be so busy on Sunday (Keorners will of course be dead – is it even open?). What do you people think?

Saturday Bike trip


This Saturday there will be an optional interchange activity – a bike trip to Saltspring island. Since the activity is optional, I’m semi-opening it to my friends. I suppose that sounds really bad, but I can’t open it to everyone and everybody. On the other hand, when I put out these invites usually no one comes. If your on my friends list, and I know you in real life, chances are you can come. God, I sound like an asshole. The trip will be approx noon – 8 counting ferry travel time, so not the longest day. I picked Saltspring because it’s the least hilly, and still reasonable to take the ferry to for a day trip. The pace won’t be very fast, so don’t worry if you don’t think you arn’t the strongest cyclist. You’ll need to bring a bag lunch/dinner. I’ll bring a patch repair kit.

So, I hope some of you can come! Liv I’m looking in your direction? (Mostly because I havn’t seen you in ages!)