Going-away weekend

So, friday was my going-away party. We met at the Foundation restaurant, and proceeded later to the Cambie. Dinner was excellent; I had a creamy, spicy curry. Meaghan gave me a teddy bear and a bag of silly straws. The Cambie was a bit difficult, not so much for us who arrived with the first […]

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Going Away Party

Ok, so “everyone’s confused as hell” – Anonymous. Not my fault, I just recently heard the details. Jordie says the party is this friday – starting at 6 at Foundation Restaurant on Main street, and moving to the Cambie by 830. He doesn’t say what day it is, but I’m fairly certain it’s this friday. […]

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A Night

While the original plan of having the German leaders meet some of my friends failed, I suceeded at least to myself see some of my better friends. Sadly Michelle came much to early and left, missing myself by about 3 hours. Everything happened behind schedule today, except her. This is a bit unfortunate, as I […]

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Keorners may not start till around 8, it depends how long we spend at the namm.

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Drinky Drinky Night

Monday. Keoners. 7pm. Meet Team Germany. I hope Adam isn’t mad at me for planning a night after his own title. Moreso, however, I hope he can make it, and Rachel, and Jordie, and Aleister (well, maybe not so much Aleister, its a bit far).

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Bar Night with the Germans

I’m organizing a bar night in honour of the German Leaders, specifically my partner Laura Van der Helde. She hosted me in Munich last August, and showed me a wonderful time in Bavaria, including Munich, Franconia, a small town where her family still owns a house and they have horse cart racing, and also Berlin […]

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Saturday Bike trip

Hi, This Saturday there will be an optional interchange activity – a bike trip to Saltspring island. Since the activity is optional, I’m semi-opening it to my friends. I suppose that sounds really bad, but I can’t open it to everyone and everybody. On the other hand, when I put out these invites usually no […]

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