Today was an excellent day

After a well fought class, pouring over the 16 pages without which there would be no continental philosophy, I returned home to excellent news. It seems that I will be able to participate in the Algonquin trip leaving tommorow morn. We leave by noon, to arrive by five and hopefully in time to canoe far […]

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Ayn Rand

I suppose I would come about to his thinker at some point or another, and that point was today. Motivated by a friend having made a friend who espouses Ayn Rand’s philosophy, and having heard a few things about that line of thought, I felt compelled to do some of my own research. So, after […]

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This entry is for D. and V.

I’m listening to Cake today – Prolonging the Magic. It’s a truly wonderful album, all the moreso for me because it is inexorably bound up with the San Fran road trip – a five day adventure that truly lived up to D.’s original declaration that it was to be a “life-changing event”. Every guitar lick, […]

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Salsa to come

Today, after an excellent Hegel class (today we stoped being rigorous Kantians, and I stopped buying the book – I think Hegel’s subject is not only contingent but completely immodest), I came home to a welcoming, friendly house. Tonight was pot-luck night – we shared and enjoyed Chili prepared by Kim (our resident Chaplain), and […]

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Another Sunday

Not much to report. The unblogged, or rather de-blogged occurance has not been followed up on, but alas it is out of my hands for the time being. Being and time remains prominent, as I begin “reading around” for my thesis. I am so excited! Today I was meant to have a phone installed, but […]

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Rogues – Jacques Derrida

I have never felt compelled to write a review of something I had read for public consumption, but I certainly feel it in this instance. Rogues, is a text (or rather, two essays “on reason”) which, while it can only really be read by Philosophers, is written for Political Scientists. The argument concerns the status […]

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It’s raining in Toronto. I’m listening to “Starting Point”, but it doesn’t make sense. It’s too warm out. These days, I like listening to happy music – mostly Jessie Harris. I even like old country. I wonder if this signs for a change in my general demenour. I am pretty happy these days. I’m totally […]

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