I should have done this sooner: I’m plumb out of good ideas for Halloween costumes, and since I have a kick-ass party to go to, and my kick-ass girlfriend is going to be there wearing a kick-ass costume of her own, I don’t want to disapoint. I’ve considered Robot, but I’ve discarded that idea (too […]

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Life in the life of a pirate

It has been a while since my last life-concerning entry. Many things, however, have been in fact happening in my life. The critical theory seminar today was excellent – we discussed Adorno’s “Subject and Object”. On initial reading it didn’t seem like a very important analysis, but after what was oddly lecture like for what […]

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Call for a General Strike

Please get angry at this entry. I support the B.C. teachers federation. I support sympathy strikes a fortiori. I support the possibility (more than the actuality) of a General Strike. I believe that striking, and at best massive strikes, are the only thing that can affect our provincial governments policies in the current state of […]

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Thanksgiving, and giving thanks

I havn’t posted in a while. No perticular reason, I’ve still been online. I just didn’t “feel like” posting. Things have happened. Thanksgiving was a bash at our house, an incredible day of preperation, followed by a dinner with 20 guests, and excellent pumpkin pie courtesy moi. After dinner, Chris Hendricks invited me over to […]

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Consider the two following statements. “You do not have the right to decide which laws are right or wrong and on that judgement to obey or disobey them” “You have the duty to discern which laws are right or wrong and to obey or disobey them accordingly” Are these statements mutually contradictory? Or can we […]

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The fall of a giant?

Alright. So, Google is aligning with Sun systems for the purposes of further developing and promoting OpenOffice – a free open source alternative to Microsoft office. Also, Apple will likely release a version of OSX for PC to the public once they get through the test phase. So, Microsofts 2 most profitable software packages stand […]

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Walking home tonight, cold, I needed to urinate quite badly. Not “the worst”, but my intentions upon arriving home were very directional – towards (after climbing the stairs and putting cheese in the fridge) the bathroom. After urinating, I got the sudden thought. More than a thought, it was more like a state of mind […]

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Algonquin Park, Ontario

Thursday evening: “Tristan, Arty is sick, would you like to come wilderness caneoing/camping with us this weekend?” “umm, uh, ib… of course” And what adventures followed. To stick to chronologistics – we rented a car, drove to the outfitters, rented canoes, piled our gear in the canoes, canoed to various camping spots, got lost in […]

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