Phil of Science

If anyone remembers philosophy of science, (if anyone took philosophy of science), who was the KUDOS for science guy? What does the acronym refer to? (No help from google on this one). I know the first is kommunism. I’m pretty sure “OS” is for “ostensive criticism”. Any help?

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Christmas Party

Come one, come all and be merry – as your Christmas celebrations will not go without a traditional gathering at Tristan’s not so humble abode in Cloverdale. As per usual, curry will be provided, along with non-alcoholic refreshments. For a date, I have picked the 16th in hopes that it will mean increased attendence by […]

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It’s snowing

Last night Kate and I went for a walk in the fresh snow. We walked up to to Toronto’s Castle (which I find very impressive, no matter how lame you think it is). I spent a good while pondering how best to assail it with a moderately sized force. We took cans of killkenny with […]

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Ipod in-ear headphones

are getting an A+ review from myself. While not as expensive as the Sony variety, they look better and cost exactly half as much. This obvious an increase in sound quality for an extra 50$ makes them an absolutely worthwhile purchase for anyone who enjoys mp3 player (or discman) music. For myself, someone who enjoys […]

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No Strike

So it seems there is truth to the idea that winning one bitter strike improves your bargaining position years into the future. For example: after rejecting a completely fine offer, and threatning a brutal strike, the York administration made a far better offer at 1am – 5 hrs before the strike was to begin. So […]

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Not enough entries

I have decided that I have not been making enough journal entries lately. Nor have I been fullfilling my responsibilities has house rep, nor have I been doing much of anything that doesn’t fall under the heading of “school” or “girlfriend”. As good as those things are, I have decided to remedy the anarchy through […]

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