Being. being. be-ing. A gerand, according to michelle; an active verbal noun. Sein. Bring German out from under the tyranny of latin. The history of western grammer is not outside the transformation of the meaning of being. For the Greeks being jutted out – being presenced itself into appearence. Sometimes by help of man (in […]

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I suppose this is mandatory…

It isn’t the worst result, although if recounts don’t give the NDP a balance with the conservatives, then the happy looking numbers are equivalent to much worse looking ones. What will Harper give the seperatists to support his government? What will legislation look like which needs the support of 30 or members outside the conservative […]

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Phenomenology is the appropriate philosophy of experience for any multicultural country. I will defend this thesis firstly by describing the two other (more) popular outlooks in their insufficiencies. Idealism, this is the thesis that the content of the world is entirely put together into its logical connectiveness in our heads. Kant is the greatest idealist, […]

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I’l y a des jours ou on se dit, “soyons fort soyons fier on ne veut pas ce “. Il y a des jours ou on ce dit que on est ce que l’on est qu’on peut pa se l’aisser faire. Heureusement, ice c’est different – heureusement ici c’est le Bloc.

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