If you knew how I long for you dear now that your gone
you’d grow wings and fly home to me, home tonight
and in the morning light…

Much less expectantly than things ended, they have begun again.


And though I’m sure you’ll find another
Who will surely speed you on your way
Don’t let the forest grow over the path you came there by.

That’s it. That’s the end of our song. But she was worth it.

The perfect pint. What? MORE than a pint?!

If anyone is lucky enough to be a) reading my blog, and b) living in an area where “Headstrong pale ale” can be purchased I highly recommend it. It comes in 650ml bottles, which go for 3$ tax included at my ontario LCBO. It’s a real ale, and it has more character than all the imported English ale’s I’ve tried thusfar. St. Ambroise beats it with their pale ale, and their new extra-pale ale, but those only come in 341 ml bottles and are thus much more expensive. This is on par with the cheapest bear you can get (aprox 1.50$ per standard sized drink because the ethanol content is 6%, not 5% or even 4% of other beers), and far beyond the quality of large market brews. It just blows the German Lager’s out of the water, but then again, we can’t blame the Germans – It’s illeagle to make good beer in their country! (Although, they have the reciprocal joy of calling most beer from without their country not “beer” at all).

Ah the indulgences of the good life. A pint whilst writing about Heidegger and Adorno – this is what Plato was referring to, no? No wait, it’s MORE than a pint!

Going to Ottawa

In the news, recently discovered,

“Prime-minister-designate Stephen Harper has pledged to introduce a resolution asking MPs whether they want to reopen the controversial [same sex marraige] debate, and promised it would be a free vote in which MPs can choose a side according to their conscience rather than their party.”

-The Globe and Mail

You know, it’s almost like the referendum Campbell had on Native rights in BC. Isn’t it great when we let the entire population, or in this case, 308 people, decided on the rights of a minority?

Fuck you Stephen Harper. If you wanted to start a war with the left, you’ll soon have it.