First Summer Night

There’s a smell in the air tonight that reminds me of a midnight stop over in Hawaii on a flight to Australia. In other words, the first floral scents of the year, and even if at 2 degrees it feels like summer.

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Home Safe

Well, we made it home. 9 hrs, and only one antagonistic altercation with a toll booth operator. No speeding tickets. Also – I gave my paper at the in house Philosophy Graduate student symposium, which went quite well. My first talk! And at the class afterwards, I got that same paper back from my frankfurt […]

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ACLA update: Sunday

I was given a ticket to the banquet, and spent the evening speaking with a lovely young women and her husband. She spoke at the stream of papers that I became most interested in this weekend. When they found out I had no place to stay, they offered that I could sleep on a futon […]

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ACLA update: Saturday

How to go to Academic Conferences – on the late and cheap. 1) Rent car the day you decide to go, preferably in the afternoon. Drive 12 hours, getting lost, almost ending up in Conneticut on your attempt to get to New Jersey 2) Sleep in the car. Hotels are too expensive, and motels are […]

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Mathias is here. Went to cineforum. Reg: a jerk. Caligari: homeless. Food: pure. Nature: unproblematic. Phusis. Poesis.

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So, after speaking with Ashley tonight I learned an interesting fact. Everyone’s favorite party-switcher is a pillar of the BC business community, and this is why we shoudn’t force him to run in a by-election. Pillar of Business community translates in the fact checker to CEO of Canfor. Hmmm, canfor. The BC forestry company that […]

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create your own visited countries map Here’s a thought: how much truth is there in this map? All of north america is lit up, and yet how much have I visited? I’ve crossed the Yukon and almost made it to the Arctic Ocean. I’ve criss crossed BC every which way. I’ve been to Calgary, Toronto, […]

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Saturday night Kate and I went to a show and saw amoung others, Elliot Brood (, and John Rae and the River. I spoke briefly with Elliot after the show to complement him on an excellent set, and he seemed very pleased at the complement, asked my name and “if I was playing tonight”. While […]

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