Uncanny Robots

Writing on the uncanny, a night in first year suddenly popped into my head. Halloween 2001. Robot costumes. Alex dancing at a beer garden upstairs in the sub. Robot dancing is so unexpected, even when you know the person inside the robot costume. It might be the opposite of the dance “the robot”, where you […]

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A rainy day in Toronto

So, uncanny existence. I’m writing about it, and I’m interested in what you non-Heideggeriens think of when you think of uncanny experience. What’s an uncanny experience you’ve had? What does “uncanny” mean (to you)? I don’t want to say too much so as to bias the responses. Oh also, please respond, even if you think […]

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New Team.

With the Canucks out of the playoffs, I have to make the choice of who to root for. Montreal? Ottawa? Calgary? Edmonton? Since Edmonton doesn’t stand much of a chance in the first round, and I hate calgary (not because of the city, but because they play an awful style of hockey), I’m left with […]

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Harper recently commented that the Emmerson protests were getting “a little old hat”. I’d say, Emmerson’s continued refusal to talk to his constituents is getting a little “old hat”. Either way, I’m certainly not tired at being angry about a former Canfor CEO running for Liberal office at all, let alone defecting to the new […]

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Cycling update

I took a long ride this evening time up the St. Clair area. I found a nice dead end hill that joggers are going up and down to train. i went up and down twice. Also found a long sweeping hill into a flat stretch where I hit 49km/h (I wish I had the “record […]

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Now that the weather is better, I’ve decided to set a personal best speed on my road bike. (Yes! It has a spedometre!). So far – 56km/h down a hill on a city street. At that speed the road is very bumpy, and I was tired at the time. I set a 55km/h record back […]

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Thank you for a Smoking movie.

After an enjoyable walk with Dory, which included a stop at honest ed’s where I purchased 15$ worth of 69 cent cans of organic refriend and turtle beans (!!!), I almost died riding my bike at top speed to the movie theatre where I met Kate, her cousin Max, and his girlfriend and her friend […]

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A bad season on the whole, but understandable because of a few factors. 1) They didn’t really do any worse than Colerado or Edmonton. They missed the playoffs by a fluke. 2) Huge injury problems with Defense Good things that happened this year 1) The “Two brothers and a brotha” line. Way to go twins […]

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