60 Lebaneze civilians killed by bombardment aimed at one Hezzabolah missile launcher. Can they not aim? Oh wait, they hate the Lebaneze just as much as Hezzabolah hates Jews. Their children even write wonderful poems on the warheads before they are launched at children on the other side. Inasmuch as we regard Isreal to be […]

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A personal update..

This isn’t that personal, but it will be my first friends-only entry in a while. I realized today, or maybe last night, that I both do not have a girlfriend, nor do I have any romantic prospects. I usually have a crush on someone. Then again, dating someone I knew during my undergrad or highschool, […]

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Urban hike 2006 recap

So, Urban hike was a bit of a bust. Not a failure, however (nothing that ends at Jordie’s place is a failure). My most sincere apologies to anyone who got lost on the way there because of an error in my directions. (A word to the wise: google maps exists for a reason). So, since […]

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An update on my Journal

This is an uptdate. Not many people came to Emily’s caberetbque, but I think it still qualifies as a success. It helps that all my friends are freaken awesome. Tommorow up to Val’s party at whistler. I hope Alithea responds to my comment so I can stop and hang out with her, I havnt’ seen […]

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Tommorow we go to whistler for valerie’s brithday. Benn is fucking drunk. Yes. Rock on. I love you all.

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Another visit to Vancouver

Tonight I ventured into the city again, to check out a place for Kate and see Michelle for the first time in about a million years. The place was decent, but 16th and Fraser is not much of a location. Michelle and I had dinner/Sangria at the Foundation (is that what it’s called?) on Main. […]

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What a great film. My appreciation for Wes Anderson increases with each viewing of one of his films. Why don’t we all name our favorites?

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