CaberetBque ’06

So I might not be back in Vancouver until thursday. This means other people are going to have to take some responsibility for planning this party (I hope Emily reads this blog – if not can Sonny please email her about this?). We’re going to need a copy of the movie “Caberet” on either vhs or dvd. Also, we need to invite people (so far Valerie, Sonny, Emily, and Cynthia?). What about Josh/Dave/Valerie/Raymee? Can someone please invite them? The party can start around 7 I suppose. Bring your own rum (this means you emily!). And yes, whoever wants to can find a place to sleep. Don’t forget your costumes! (flashy/slutty for girls, suit/fancy for guys. Yes I know it’s sexist but it wasn’t my idea).

Please comment if you are coming/inviting people.


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