Urban hike 2006 recap

So, Urban hike was a bit of a bust. Not a failure, however (nothing that ends at Jordie’s place is a failure). My most sincere apologies to anyone who got lost on the way there because of an error in my directions. (A word to the wise: google maps exists for a reason).

So, since Urban hike failed to make it the whole way, I’m doing it again. If no one can come, I’ll just go by myself – that’s how hardcore I am. I havn’t decided on the time, but I will give several days notice. Probably on some afternoon.

The rest of the weekend was fun. Well, whistler was a little rediculous but that’s what it is. Why do people go to such bars? I actually had a good time, the key was being drunk enough to actually dance with girls (but I only spent 5.75). Staying with Megan was great, really super to spend sometime with her for the first time since last august.


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