Jeeves and Wooster and Talisker

Jeeves and Wooster is a British hour long comedy show produced in the early 90s for ITV, imported by A and E to the North American market. It is a perticularly wonderful tale of Bertie Wooster, a Gentleman-about-town in London and surroundings in the 1920s. He has enough money to live on, and to hire […]

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Is anyone driving down to bumbershoot? Or, alternatively, anyone want to go to bumbershoot? (With a carload I could probably borrow a vehicle). I would want to go the day the New Pornographers play.

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Balsamic Vinegar

At our cabin I had the unfortunate luck to find that halfway through making a salad, we had no Balsamic vinegar. A kraft substitute called “Balsamic” lacked the kick I associate with real balsamic vinegar. Real balsamic vinegar is just so great. In celebration of how great it is, lets all go make a salad […]

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The Cabin. Again.

Up at the Cabin again. Went biking with Simon – fun, but too much air pressure and bumpy road made me wish for shocks (or just less air pressure). Forgot how to waterski (exageration – but took 10 tries to get up slalom. Next day first try as usual). Quite sick, but still fine to […]

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What hit the pentagon?

It has come to my attention that the plane that hit the pentagon was not a boeing 757. Reasonable explanations point to a much smaller craft. Wool over the eyes? Also, apparently many people could smell cordite after the explosion.

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A Word

A word, a phrase-: from cyphers rise Life recognized, a sudden sense, The sun stands still, mute are the skies, And all compacts it, stark and dense A word – a gleam, a flight, a spark, A thrust of flames, a stellar trace- And then again – immense – the dark Round world and I […]

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Wreck Beach Sickness

My adventure to wreck beach did not go as well as planned. Sure, I had a great time swiming with Kate and her sister, doing a bit of drinking. Also, talking to (or is that being talked at by) a shamen who has discovered the key to language through roman etymology. I wrote in my […]

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