Jeeves and Wooster and Talisker

Jeeves and Wooster is a British hour long comedy show produced in the early 90s for ITV, imported by A and E to the North American market. It is a perticularly wonderful tale of Bertie Wooster, a Gentleman-about-town in London and surroundings in the 1920s. He has enough money to live on, and to hire a valet – this is Jeeves. While he does not have a job, he is quite occupied by his various aunts, who seem always to be getting him to do things for them which he manages to mess up and get himself and everyone in all sorts of trouble. He constantly finds himself engaged, despite never, or hardly ever, falling in love himself (the engagements come unrequested and without the need of his own approval!). It is a show of happenstance, situational comedy, of the most intricate sort. For example, Bertie might cousel his friend who’se engagement has fallen on rough times not to eat anything at dinner, to show his fiance how upset he is and thereby have her come back to him. As a result, the cook gets mortally offended and quits – which upsets Bertie’s uncle so greatly that his Aunt looses all chance of getting the 500& she needs for her women’s magazine.

I highly recommend the show to one and all.


Balsamic Vinegar

At our cabin I had the unfortunate luck to find that halfway through making a salad, we had no Balsamic vinegar. A kraft substitute called “Balsamic” lacked the kick I associate with real balsamic vinegar. Real balsamic vinegar is just so great. In celebration of how great it is, lets all go make a salad and use some real balsamic and olive oil.

The Cabin. Again.

Up at the Cabin again. Went biking with Simon – fun, but too much air pressure and bumpy road made me wish for shocks (or just less air pressure). Forgot how to waterski (exageration – but took 10 tries to get up slalom. Next day first try as usual). Quite sick, but still fine to do manuel labour – lots of digging for insulation installation. the Godfather 1,2,3 are long films. Must do more things on one’s own. Perhaps canoeing today. Too hot for most of the day to do things outside. Tommorow returns to city. Papers become more obviously late and needing to be started/finished. Feels like life is on hold until degree can be completed.

Riding with Rilke was a great procrastination read. Ironic, since I wasn’t suppose to read it before I had finished my next paper. Renewed my enthusiasm for buying a motorbike. Not a ducati though – I’d like to be able to do some of the work on it myself. ‘

Life awaits.

A Word

A word, a phrase-: from cyphers rise
Life recognized, a sudden sense,
The sun stands still, mute are the skies,
And all compacts it, stark and dense

A word – a gleam, a flight, a spark,
A thrust of flames, a stellar trace-
And then again – immense – the dark
Round world and I in empty space

-Gottfried Benn

Wreck Beach Sickness

My adventure to wreck beach did not go as well as planned. Sure, I had a great time swiming with Kate and her sister, doing a bit of drinking. Also, talking to (or is that being talked at by) a shamen who has discovered the key to language through roman etymology. I wrote in my journal about how the one-sidedness of such revelations is a neccesary condition of a shamen’s medicin, aswell as a strategic attempt to break the listener out of everyday analytic reflection. Maybe I will go into depth about this on my tribe journal, but I don’t think it would be recieved well here.

I got much too much sun in the water. I felt light headed and drowsy and ached all over. I drank what was in my Nalgene, but it obviously was not enough. I’ve drank about 2L of water this afternoon, which is an indication that I am still dehydrated despite drinking a lot of fluids last night. Also, this dehydration was combined with coming down with a cold. Unfortunate, but fortunate was that Kate decided to let me stay with her so she could tend to me. Her kindness extends far beyond the limits of words.

Dinner was at East is East, with Meaghan. Great to see her. Her camp was crazy. We spoke alot about CISV. Jules was very critical of the fact it remains an oppertunity only for those who can afford the steep village and travelling fees.

Jules rented some movies, but I just fell asleep.

This morning I headed back to Surrey by public transit.

Unrelated to rest of post: I really miss Milan, and am exceedingly glad that he is coming to visit in September. Cabin feever promises to be quite good. Who knows, perhaps even Phong can come.