Vancouver’s Fireworks

Last night I ended up, almost accidentally, at the symphony of fire. “Symphony of fire” is a much more truthful name for them than “celebration of light”, which inadvertantly downplays the huge amount of pollution caused by the burning (even though I’m sure much of that burning does not fall under the chemical definition of “combustion”, that was never what we meant by ‘fire” anyway).

After seeing a few places for Kate, none of which worked out, I called Marc and met up with him at his building downtown. It really is a beatiful building. We ran into Ashley are her new boy. I quite like Ashley, despite the fact she is the only person I know who (at least openly) ridicules my appearence.

The fireworks do attrack a lot of people. Marc commented on the well dressed women that show up. I noticed in retrospect, however, that I don’t really notice all those people. I certainly noticed Marc, but other than that I wasn’t really aware of the crowd; they were just an impediment to getting a good seat (which we got anyway). On the train ride home, I was engorged in my book (and had a seat), so I didn’t really notice that the train was packed in like sardines.

Another prop to the fireworks: I’ve seen many fireworks displays in my life. Perhaps the largest, most expensive shows were not at English bay, but at Disney World florida, but in the end the size is not the most relavent attribute. The manner in which the English Bay fireworks rise above your head, but are also layed out closer to the water, all set to music, makes for the only show that touches the sublime.


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