Anything Goes

I had the good fortune tonight of seeing Anything Goes, produced by the pipedream musical theatre society in North Vancouver. It is the same production as I was involved with years ago as the guitar/banjo player at Earl Marriot. The play is beyond hilarious, I laughed at almost every joke before the punchline because I remembered it so vividly. I don’t think this performance was an equal of the EMS one, but they did have more time for rehearsals, and a much better set. The singing in this one was likely better, but still suffered from a lack of phrasing, no consenants at the end of long notes. The magic wasn’t really in it the whole time though, in the way the lines were delivered, in the way the jokes went off. Still, it was infinity better than not seeing anything goes.

Also, Camille was in it. Good to see her again, if only for about 2 minutes. Too bad she didn’t have a bigger role.


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