Shambahla update

My first trip to a west coast tribal dance festival was a huge success. A long, reflective update will be made tommorow, but I wanted to get something up tonight. Highlights were a) learning to dance, and learning to dance intentionally, and b) meeting excellent new people like Phong. I would have liked to meet more explicitly more Burning man people, but there is a sense in which I must grow further was a warrior (and learn to read) before I can be accepted by the cosmic elves.

Has anyone had an elfin cone?

I love my new tent.

The unexpected highlight was seeing Alithea. We may not have said much to each other, but not all saying happens with words. J’espere que la France l’accept comme l’etre magique qu’elle soi. J’aimerai bien la voir encore avant qu’elle bouge, mais je comprendrai aussi si le temps ne le permis pas. Elle est une fille de beaucoups d’amis. I wonder sometimes if people like her are the way they are because of a profound attunement with the first beginning. It has been said by wiser men than myself that the “to” in will to power, that which binds the will to itself in the ever willing will, is love. Every philosopher should be so lucky to meet a creature so aptly self-named the self-disclosure of being to itself.

Fortunately, metaphysics is physics. Unfortunately, our physics are mostly metaphysical. According to Matthias, this is the meaning a meaning of fortune as such.


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