Back from Road trip

Just home from an impromptu four day road trip with my mother and brother. While it was not really comparable to the two road trips I took with Dave and either Vashti or Milan, it was certainly fun. Shorter kms meant more time for stopping and less road-trance. I actually quite like road trance. Speaking of road trance, the trip I took with Mathias certainly counts amount the epic road trips i have taken. This less than epic but still good road trip took us down intot he USA, to Whitby island via the excellent bridge that crosses deception pass, over to the olympic peninsula via a wonderful little ferry ride to port townshend (which offered commendable vegetarian food at the Public House). From there it was along the coastal highway to Neah Bay, the NorthWesterly most point of the contiguous (*not “continental”, as is often said) United States. Neah bay is on an indian reservation which is nice because tourism remains at a less than will to power level. Sure, some indians build the most awful casinos and taverns, but this band seems to realize the destruction that brand of tourism can have on the ability of the gods to presence. There is an excellent cultural history museaum there which includes artifacts from the dig at Ozette, which yielded a plethora of pre-contact living items from the Makah people. The campground there is a bit of an under-achiever, but since no one seemed the least bit interested in taking our money we can’t complain.

Finding a camping spot in Long Beach at 11pm is not something I want to experience again. Luckily it ended quite well, finding a beautiful place quite near the beach. We wandered down to the beach at night, it was so foggy we coudn’t find the water and turned back fearing we woudn’t be able to find our way back. The sound and the eerie light that almost made the ground visible was something I will not forget. I returned to the beach the next morning for half an hour or so, standing next to the water until we felt comfortable with each other.

The last day we ate pankakes in astoria, saw the wreck at fort stevens, climbed over lots of batteries. The drive home put us in a bit of a trance. REI was so difficult to find! I did ride a mountain bike though. Things at REI are not cheaper than at MEC, and rei is very far away, and their “co-opness” is much less authentic than MEC’s. Ergo, no need to buy things or become a member there.

At the duty free. 1L talisker – 32$! Can’t beat that!

And summer is 4 days closer to its end.


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