The Cabin. Again.

Up at the Cabin again. Went biking with Simon – fun, but too much air pressure and bumpy road made me wish for shocks (or just less air pressure). Forgot how to waterski (exageration – but took 10 tries to get up slalom. Next day first try as usual). Quite sick, but still fine to do manuel labour – lots of digging for insulation installation. the Godfather 1,2,3 are long films. Must do more things on one’s own. Perhaps canoeing today. Too hot for most of the day to do things outside. Tommorow returns to city. Papers become more obviously late and needing to be started/finished. Feels like life is on hold until degree can be completed.

Riding with Rilke was a great procrastination read. Ironic, since I wasn’t suppose to read it before I had finished my next paper. Renewed my enthusiasm for buying a motorbike. Not a ducati though – I’d like to be able to do some of the work on it myself. ‘

Life awaits.


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