Jeeves and Wooster and Talisker

Jeeves and Wooster is a British hour long comedy show produced in the early 90s for ITV, imported by A and E to the North American market. It is a perticularly wonderful tale of Bertie Wooster, a Gentleman-about-town in London and surroundings in the 1920s. He has enough money to live on, and to hire a valet – this is Jeeves. While he does not have a job, he is quite occupied by his various aunts, who seem always to be getting him to do things for them which he manages to mess up and get himself and everyone in all sorts of trouble. He constantly finds himself engaged, despite never, or hardly ever, falling in love himself (the engagements come unrequested and without the need of his own approval!). It is a show of happenstance, situational comedy, of the most intricate sort. For example, Bertie might cousel his friend who’se engagement has fallen on rough times not to eat anything at dinner, to show his fiance how upset he is and thereby have her come back to him. As a result, the cook gets mortally offended and quits – which upsets Bertie’s uncle so greatly that his Aunt looses all chance of getting the 500& she needs for her women’s magazine.

I highly recommend the show to one and all.

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