It has come to my attention (maybe I oughtent start that way, people don’t seem to take my “it has come to my attention posts seriously, well, anyway, onward) that my posts are often one sided and involve universal judgements that make them easy to dismiss, generally unconvincing. I’ve made quite a few posts about my dialectical concept of morality, but I think I’ve failed to convey my thoughts on the matter enough to put the seemingly universal judgements into context. People should never be under the impression that I imagine there to be a method, an ethic, a way to live one’s life, which would exert absolutely no violence on anyone, preserve the environment, and generally encourage wellness amoungst everything. Of course exactly this is the moral standard, and of course it’s totally unatainable. So yes, I do mean to establish an absurdly high moral standard, one that is impossible in fact (in fact, Hegel shows how it is in fact logically impossible). Contrarily to a recent comment on my blog, however, I don’t think that attempting toestablish such a high moral standard makes judgements made in the light of that standard “irrelavent to most people”, I might add, especially to those of lesser financial means. This kind of response makes sense in the light of the fact that most ethical systems strive to give you a manner of living (an “ethic”) in which one is able to refrain entirely from commiting evil. If for you, “ethics” means to refrain from contravening the moral standard established, then setting the moral standard impossibly high makes it irrelavent. However, if you recognize that what is demanded by the moral standard is never instantiated in human action, (and inaction is a pathetic and false solution to this problem, of course), then one might realize that ethics (the way to live one’s life) is not the attempt to refrain from evil, but is rather the constant weighing of principals, thinking both sides of issues, and choosing courses of action that you hopefully will not regret (but inevitably often will). In other words, the moral standard isn’t something to be lived up to, but something to be aspired towards.


Ubuntu for mac

This is a post coming from inside a ubuntu live environment. Pretty decent, for a live environment. I can surf the web, type papers. The fonts arn’t super pretty, but they are ok. It’s not as great as OSX, or XP really (although it has certain advantages over xp, mostly falling under the title of ubuntu philosophy, which I endorse, despite being a misuse of the term philosophy), but its pretty decent. It’s cool to be able to run all this off the CD drive.

Global Warming

I’m interested in people’s general knowledge about global warming. I’d very much appreciate it if in a couple of sentences you cavalierly described how certain you are if it exists, and how big of a problem it really poses if it does in fact exist. Milan and alike should refrain from being the first ones to awnser, as not to affect other’s responses.

From inside Ubuntu

My first foray into the Linux world has been a productive, and fairly easy one. The most difficult thing was arriving at meaghans (“LITE” internet? What the hell!”), realizing she had no XP cds as she thought she did, and having my computer tell me it would take 7 hrs to download UBUNTU. Luckily, we went over to her friend Corey’s and were able to download it in an hour and twenty minutes. It worked perfect first try, no messing around (other than forcing the computer to boot from CD). Once up and running in UBUNTU LIVE, it’s easy to get it to install and format your drive (much faster than I assumed too). Also, totally free! As for software, there is this wonderful “add/remove programs” function that allows you to download software from their servers for free. Unfortunately, ubuntu is a little big brother and won’t let me install VLC or AMSN because the ubunto programmers havn’t approved them. If I were a bigger expert I’m sure I could turn that protection off. Or rather, if I were an expert at all – I am completely not an expert of any kind in this field.

The desktop environment is fast, clean. Open office is fine, but abiword is better (also free). Clickable switching to 4 different desktop environments is suprisingly useful (who needs multiple monitors?) Is that available for OSX?

It “just worked” with Meags soundcard and ethernet card. I’m not sure if her wireless card is working, but at this point I’m just happy that I’m on the net and able to do most things.

Things I can still not do on this ubunto machine:

Play DVDs (lacking the encryption software to play commercial dvds. I’m sure VLC includes it, but I can’t seem to install it.)
Play DIVX/XVID (I’m not certain that Kaffein won’t play this, I can’t actually check. Again, VLC would solve the problem.)
Use the Webcam (the webcam software for ubunto is “unsupported” and thus I can’t download it even though it shows up on the add remove programs thingy.)
Use MSN (GAIM is succesfully configured with Meaghan’s msn info, it just won’t retrieve her buddy list, so it’s pretty useless).

Anyone else solved any of these problems?


A few thoughts. If you havn’t had hardly any coffee in ages, then eating copious amounts of choclate covered coffee beans can do a number on your stress level/jaw/head. Awful headaches today, 4 advil made things right. I hate taking pharmecudicals. I almost prefer to let things take their natural course.

My desire for a fancy sports car has been almost completely replaced by my desire to ride a motorcycle. Probably a more reasonable dream, especially since I don’t feel the need to have a fancy ass motorcycle, even something simple like a shadow or hawk would be beyond awesome. There seems no need to get a fast motorcycle because they are all fast.

And it is time for another update

Today is the party. I have many nametags pre-prepared. But the best ones should materialize at party time. I bought two bottles of red wine (and two wine glasses!), and food for the party. The apartment is relatively clean.

Last night I saw Bard on the Beach’s presentation of Trollius and Cressida. I liked it very much, although as Kate and her sister were quick to point out, the blocking was awful. I didn’t go to the rock and roll club with Meaghan where her roomate works. Why did I ever agree I would go to a club? I hate those things!

Coffee with Alithea yesterday was very enjoyable. She invited me to thanksgiving at her house. She is someone I have known, although never very closely, for a very long time (grade 9 I believe). Those at the party may have a chance at meeting Hailey.