It has come to my attention (maybe I oughtent start that way, people don’t seem to take my “it has come to my attention posts seriously, well, anyway, onward) that my posts are often one sided and involve universal judgements that make them easy to dismiss, generally unconvincing. I’ve made quite a few posts about […]

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Ubuntu for mac

This is a post coming from inside a ubuntu live environment. Pretty decent, for a live environment. I can surf the web, type papers. The fonts arn’t super pretty, but they are ok. It’s not as great as OSX, or XP really (although it has certain advantages over xp, mostly falling under the title of […]

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Global Warming

I’m interested in people’s general knowledge about global warming. I’d very much appreciate it if in a couple of sentences you cavalierly described how certain you are if it exists, and how big of a problem it really poses if it does in fact exist. Milan and alike should refrain from being the first ones […]

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From inside Ubuntu

My first foray into the Linux world has been a productive, and fairly easy one. The most difficult thing was arriving at meaghans (“LITE” internet? What the hell!”), realizing she had no XP cds as she thought she did, and having my computer tell me it would take 7 hrs to download UBUNTU. Luckily, we […]

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A few thoughts. If you havn’t had hardly any coffee in ages, then eating copious amounts of choclate covered coffee beans can do a number on your stress level/jaw/head. Awful headaches today, 4 advil made things right. I hate taking pharmecudicals. I almost prefer to let things take their natural course. My desire for a […]

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And it is time for another update

Today is the party. I have many nametags pre-prepared. But the best ones should materialize at party time. I bought two bottles of red wine (and two wine glasses!), and food for the party. The apartment is relatively clean. Last night I saw Bard on the Beach’s presentation of Trollius and Cressida. I liked it […]

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