The Chief

Yesterday Kai, Neal, my father and myself hiked the second peak of the Squamish Chief. I’ve done the hike before, only to the first peak, and this one was much more enjoyable. I must be stronger these days; the hike is 3/4 the elevation of the grouse grind but I never became unpleasantly tired. Views from the top were stunning (especially Sky Pilot), but what I liked the most was watching the squirrells hop and dance around us as we ate our lunch.

Today I have Greek, and then plans to go to Saltspring island. However, I have just learned that the forecast for the Gulf islands is for rain. Yes – Rain on the gulf islands! Perhaps rain everywhere. Thus, some new plan must be devised as camping in the rain is not my idea of fun on the gulf islands. I don’t even remember the last time it rained – what does one do?

Perhaps we will go to Bob Log’s show tonight at Richards on Richards. (

Does anyone have an idea what Kai can do on his last day in Vancouver in the rain?


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