An interesting find, and some musings on phone options today

If you havn’t checked out vonage lately, it might be time to pay their website a visit. Many interesting new products, such as the Vphone (a 256 megabyte flash drive attached to a headset which allows you to make phone calls through any broadband internet computer using your vonage account, from anywhere in the world of course). They also have wifi phones which provide the same service sans computer. (!) Their “basic plan”, 20$ a month for 500 outgoing minutes and unlimited incoming minutes is not unlimited like normal 30$ a month plans from telus, but it’s likely more than I would ever actually use.

Since, however, this is all reliant on the internet, this site: becomes of perticular interest: a wiki of vancouver wifi spots. Unfortunately I can’t get the map to work, but alas, it is an invaluable resource.

Connectivity. Probably one of the most valuable things we will lose when the grid goes down.


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