And it is time for another update

Today is the party. I have many nametags pre-prepared. But the best ones should materialize at party time. I bought two bottles of red wine (and two wine glasses!), and food for the party. The apartment is relatively clean.

Last night I saw Bard on the Beach’s presentation of Trollius and Cressida. I liked it very much, although as Kate and her sister were quick to point out, the blocking was awful. I didn’t go to the rock and roll club with Meaghan where her roomate works. Why did I ever agree I would go to a club? I hate those things!

Coffee with Alithea yesterday was very enjoyable. She invited me to thanksgiving at her house. She is someone I have known, although never very closely, for a very long time (grade 9 I believe). Those at the party may have a chance at meeting Hailey.


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