There is no obvious party for saturday – is there? I want to go on Critical mass tommorow (friday) (meets 530pm at the georgia street side of the art gallery), but I don’t have as of now anyone to go with. Dressing up is encouraged but not mandatory. Anyone interested?

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Christianity and Ethics

Last night while Jeremy waited with me for the number 7 bus to arrive, we had quite an involved discussion about the nature of morality. My moral view, as I’ve explained several times here, is one of action, transgression, and forgiveness. A dynamic rather than a set of principals. It is very difficult to explain […]

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I read in the National post abandoned on the bus that the in 2nd Vancouver-Edmonton game this week, Linden was a healthy scratch. After my predictable reaction of immense anger, fantisizing about screaming at the coach (who is the coach anyway?) that Linden isn’t even a person, but a god, I realized something a little […]

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An Ode to the better Paul

Often, I forget about Paul Simon for long periods. Not that he never crosses my mind, but I fail to hear his song. The way to truly hear Paul’s song is to sing it. Listening offers only partial apprehension of the movement. His songs beg to be sung, and beg to be sung with the […]

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Summer of Love

I saw the “Summer of Love” lazer show at the planetarium tonight, and like others in the past, I deeply enjoyed it. They are bringing back (by popular demand) Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon lazer show on thursdays starting soon. I will certainly be going – anyone interested in coming with me?

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