A very bad article on climate change

The national post is a bad paper. You should not go there to read this http://www.canada.com/nationalpost/story.html?id=e6902dfa-0def-4759-b57d-3545f25ba527 article, as it will make you less, not more knowledgable on climate change. Even when the article does give the information which demonstrates the conservatives clean air act to be a joke (as in, for it to look tough you need to pretend you are one of Canada’s top five polluters, and the base year is 2003 not 1990- I’m sure this makes the “reduce by 50%” figure mean something entirely different, not just “another way to skin a cat”). It’s dis-information, and it’s exactly the kind of writing that people who don’t want to believe that radical action is neccesary will lap up and claim that this is in fact radical action.


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