On Different sorts of purchases

While this is a mute point as I intend on purchasing, and can afford neither, I realized today that for about the same price as a 5 day ski Vacation at Kicking Horse mountain, you can buy a nikon DSLR (D50 with kit lens). Which would you rather have? You can change the object and the trip to be more of your suiting, as long as the prices remain comparable.

For me – definitely the ski trip. Not even close.


“Let us not be mistaken, there are only two meanings of nation”

As we all read on the cover of the province today. This article is very confused. I will refute it, however, by restating its title. “There are only two meanings of nation”. In fact, there is only one meaning of nation, but this meaning is split into two directions. The first sense is a people, a volk, sharing some kind of common identity (any combination of langauge, religion, imaginary inceptual point, ancestery, real inceptual point, blood, genetics (now in Isreal!- are they becoming Nazis?), culture, and I’ve probably missed a few things). In the other sense a sovreign political body (not neccesarily a “state”, however – a nation which has not achieved independance but does have some political meaning can be understood in the second sense). Both senses are co-implicated in each other inasmuch as the “nation” (first sense) of Canada is produced, constructed, by the way of the Canadian “nation” (second sense). At the same time, the Canadian “nation” recieves it’s legitimacy to the “nation” (first sense) that it plays a part in (re-) producing. Also, a “nation” (first sense) can be used, but need not neccesarily be used, as a reason to form an independant political state. However, when it is, the nation (first sense), also serves as the legitating ground of the “nation” (second sense), which it produces (Similar to before, but you will see that the directionality of the production and legitimization has been reversed).

There are certainly examples of places where this tension exists and yet, does not break up a country. GB, for example, comprises several nations, each with some who call for succesion but other than the case of Ireland, I don’t think there is any real danger of such movements becoming mainstream.

The fact is, the difference constructed between “civic nationality” and “ethnic nationality” in the National Post is a false one. The real distinction is between identity nationality (which can be civic or ethnic, or many other things – ethnic nationality as relates to Blood did not exist until the 19th century, and was not popular in Germany until after the Nazi’s took power – a more “civic” kind of romantic nationalism preceeded it), and political nationality. Civic nationality and ethnic nationality are both identity issues, and thus there is no ground on which to dismiss civic nationality as only possibly related to political sovreignty.

Emily Carr knows how to throw a party

Last night I dropped in on the Emily Carr Circus (aka pub night). More than anything, it reminded me of the dirty house parties (at least some overlap in the crowd), it had the same ultra experimentalist, radically futuristic scent. The DJ was great, and the band that played were too loud to enjoy, but out of this world. I ran in to Kate, Mathias, and some other friends whose names I don’t actually know. A green faced Martin painted evil eyes on my face ala okkervill river (sorry martin – I never found your photographer, but I did take a photo of my face before washing it off last night).

Alas, with no digital camera I cannot post the majic online. Maybe it’s becoming time to get another a510. They can’t be worth much anymore.

Tonight – Raymee and Greg.

Don’t be offended, it’s just systematic misogyny

The montreal police consider (but do not develop an official policy) concerning what to do when Hasidic Jews refuse to speak to a female police officer – whether a male police officer should be called in to act in her stead.


Is it an issue of cultural sensitivity? Yes, it’s a symptom of the hasidic Jewish culture not being sensitive to the liberal, multi cultural, trying not to be explicitly sexist culture that they are part of – Canada.

Skiing and the Archival Storm

First day at Cypress (opening day). Skiing on november 16th! Half price, but less than half the lifts, less than 1/10th of the runs open. However, conditions look promising – soon the whole mountain will be open.

On the way bakc, I noticed a large black spot on the city scape. Wait a minute – Queen E park is not that big: that’s a power outage. (200 000 without power says the internet). Possibility of awful flooding. No tap water to drink! (Boiliing at present). The only storm in a city in which I’ve been living which I did not notice but only learned about from the internet afterwards.