An excellent evening

An attempt to find Olivia’s concert was a botch, but I ended up at a marvolous coffee house gathering every thursday at 730 at the VPL brang at Main and 23rd. I will be attending future thursdays. “In the place my wonder comes from there, I find you”

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Don’t be offended, it’s just systematic misogyny

The montreal police consider (but do not develop an official policy) concerning what to do when Hasidic Jews refuse to speak to a female police officer – whether a male police officer should be called in to act in her stead. Is it an issue of cultural sensitivity? Yes, it’s a symptom of the […]

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Skiing and the Archival Storm

First day at Cypress (opening day). Skiing on november 16th! Half price, but less than half the lifts, less than 1/10th of the runs open. However, conditions look promising – soon the whole mountain will be open. On the way bakc, I noticed a large black spot on the city scape. Wait a minute – […]

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