I was lucky enough to see one of my favorite people today – Dory Kornfeld. Hopefully we will go biking together before she must return to Toronto. Maybe even the sun will come out. Kerrisdale Alpha tonight. (I think).

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What drives Science?

UBC environmental sciences professor is skeptical about climate change. He agrees that humans have had the effect of raising Co2 levels, but that it is not yet possible to state that weather events are “caused by climate change”, rather that the weather events we have experienced lately fall well within normal variation. The fact that […]

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Xmas Skiing?

This year, for the first year ever, xmas morning did not mean trying to wake up mom and pop so presents could be opened. Rather, a 7:30 alarm rang bidding us to get ready for a 1.5 hr drive to a ski hill. As per normal, we arrived at Sun Peaks an hour after it […]

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20% off at chapters

As an I reward club member, I get 20% off everything instore at chapters on wensday, dec 13th. The reason I’m telling you this is that I can share the discount with anyone, member or not, simply by forwarding them the email. Since 20% is a lot less than, well, not 20%, if you want […]

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Using “library” in the now ancient sense (the current term is “personal book collection”, or “bookshelf” – I am truly beginning to develop my own library. With the arrival of Heidegger’s “Mindfulness” and Deleuze’s “Thousand Plateauxs” I am the proud owner (and soon to be, although I have already read at least some of both […]

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