Using “library” in the now ancient sense (the current term is “personal book collection”, or “bookshelf” – I am truly beginning to develop my own library. With the arrival of Heidegger’s “Mindfulness” and Deleuze’s “Thousand Plateauxs” I am the proud owner (and soon to be, although I have already read at least some of both these works, reader) of two more of the great works of European philosophy. In some sense, all of us amass libraries over our lifetime – we hang onto books that we consider the most crucial, while others (sometimes – merely borrowed from “the library”) pass through our hands like so many cups of starbucks. I don’t consider the bulk of the books I “own” to truly be part of my library. Those that have a place are cherised with an uncommon delight and endurance.

Anyone else have thoughts on their libraries?

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