This is a big Fuck You to “B.C. Ferries”

If you didn’t already know, B.C. Ferries is no longer a crown coorperation, existing for the benefit of the people of B.C. It is a private, for profit coorperation, whose goals are not the benefit of the people of B.C. the the benifits of its shareholders. This sounds like leftist nonsense, I know, but look at how it plays out in real life.

1) The new northern ferry is not built in B.C. but bought from Germany, and then they try to have the 17 million dollar duty waived. That duty exists to protect B.C. shipworkers. When you build a ship in B.C. any cost overruns are mitigated by the fact that the money is flowing back into the province. When you buy a ship from overseas you take Canadian dollars and put them somewhere else. But, it was cheaper, and hey – they might be able to get the duty waived, so higher profits.

2)The new northern ferry is called “Adventure of the north” or some crap – not “Spirit of Hartley Bay”. If it were not for the natives in Hartley bay who assisted in the rescue of the passengers from the “Queen of the North”, it is quite possible that hundreds of passangers would have died that night. Furthermore, it is becoming more and more suspicious that it was error on behalf of high ranking officers that this accident happened in the first place. There were no officers on bridge, just a boyfriend and girlfriend. The ship was running full bore on radar guided auto pilot. All the high ranking officers were having a banquet-booze up. Then the head of the ferries went and shredded many documents relating to the sinking!

3)The other two northern vessels have been relabelled aswell – and this is right from their mouths (on CBC radio) the renaming of the two existing vessels and the failure to name the new vessel after Hartley bay is their new “marketing strategy”, to “market the beauty of the north”. Fuck marketing, these ferries are a public service – part of the highway system. Even after Gordon Campbell allowed them to be privatized, they remain part of the highway system functionally, if not in spirit. There is no need for this gross indency, robbing ships of their names, and not naming the new ship as it ought, to fit in with a “marketing strategy”.

It’s this kind of inhuman nonsense that makes me want to become a communist. But, I won’t because I know at heart, that they are just as ideological and dumb to the world – which is saying a lot.


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