Xmas Skiing?

This year, for the first year ever, xmas morning did not mean trying to wake up mom and pop so presents could be opened. Rather, a 7:30 alarm rang bidding us to get ready for a 1.5 hr drive to a ski hill. As per normal, we arrived at Sun Peaks an hour after it opened, but – differently – no lift lines all day. Not entirely surprising, who skiis on xmas day? We do, I suppose. It was in short, an awesome day. Especially since I explored (foolishly) at the end of the day the T bar area, which was closed, and which required a 7 mile sort of out of bounds trail back to a poorly covered double black down to a lift that was technically closed. Luckily, they let me on the lift and I skiied into the village 45 minutes after the lifts had closed. The snow was excellent, and bounding between the three mountains gives a real sense of the expanse that Sun Peaks offers. It’s a truly large ski area. (And from bottom to top of the Burfield quad there is more than 800 meters of elevation change).

Dinner was prepared by all after we arrived home (at 5:30). For once – we had done enough exercise to merit such a feast!


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