A1 Morons

Re: People who buy SUV’s under the illusion that they are safe. Yes, they are heavy, but you can buy heavy cars (the chrysler 300C is over 4000lbs. Don’t buy one though, they are awful on fuel, although better than a tall brick like SUV). The thing is – they don’t have to pass crash safety tests like cars and vans. So, in other words, people for the last 15 years have been buying SUVs to be safe while they are actually per pound the most dangorous vehicles on the road – they can roll over more easily, and they don’t have to be crash tested.

Why would you buy a vehicle which is exempt from crash testing to be safe in a crash? This is the kind of thing that makes me wish Hitler had rounded up marketers and advertisers rather than Jews – they really can be the scum of the planet.


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