Cabin Feever 2.5

The dates are tentativly set – feb 19th to 23rd (or maybe a day or two longer). That’s reading week folks! Schedule your time off work early! There will be drinking, cross country skiing, hiking in the snow. And pending thick ice – ice hockey, skating, walking on the ice. Possibly ice fishing too! We probably won’t go to Sun peaks unless there is alot of interest since its an 1:15 drive to the hill and it’s not exactly cheap. We have extra cross country skiies for the trails around the cabin, and we could do some significant exploring if people are into it. Also there is some absolutely great sledding next to the cabin, and better stuff up behind the road. The cabin has a newly redecorated bathroom and computer controlled heating (this means the cabin can be up to temperature before you arrive). It also has 30 hp (100BTU) wood stove which heats it up toasty warm for cheap.

Researve your seat early for the truck. I’ll have my fathers 8 seat Suburban. If you want to bring your own vehicle it must be a 4wd and you must have chains or winter tires. Actually must have chains full stop. Winter tires alone might be enough for the mountain passes, but the road into the cabin can get dumped on and is not often plowed, so there is always a slim chance that the road will be impassible without chains. Usually it’s not so bad but you don’t want to be stranded. The costs will be to bring your own food and pay your share of fuel for the truck up there.


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