Alright fine I got one.

I am now amoung the cell phone crowd. My pay-as-you-go Virgin phone ended up costing 40$, and using it should cost me about 15$ a month, except for the first few months which will only cost 10$ a month. My number is awesome: 778 323 3123. Or, if you will have it, 778-3232-123. Best number […]

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What are your favorite podcasts? If people respond, this would be a good oppertunity to trade some interesting music by proxy. My favorites (other than CBC radio 3) are: In Our Time (BBC radio 4) – a history/philosophy/literature/culture/religion show which covers a different topic for 45 minutes each week. This American Life – just plain […]

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Skiing Whistler with Neal

To be fair, I’m a bit sore and my left knee has seen better days – but on the whole, what a day! After a million hickups – renting skiis and snowpants (thanks a lot M.B.), we hit West Cirque for the first run of the day, then through Christmas trees. The whole way down, […]

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A phone?

Apparently, I’m making an anti-statement by not having a cellphone, which is a unstatus symbol since it’s a symbol of status that I don’t have one. But arn’t cell phones rediculously expensive (always in deceptive ways). My x girlfriend sometimes ran her cellphone bill up to hundreds of dollars a month. Hundreds! But wait, Virgin […]

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So what are we going to do now?

If you are like me, you are lamenting the recent loss of a friend to deepest, darkest Africa. While we’re all sure of his technical ability to install computer networks (paradoxically, the only thing he is a little less than sure of), I think we’re all a little worried he’ll die. I mean, it’s Africa. […]

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Strauss at VPH

Tonight I happened upon a free event (with free tasty treats) at the central library branch. It was an informal master class with 2 sopranos singing Strauss’ last 4 songs. Very difficult, beautiful pieces, setting a few of Hesse’s poems to music. The musical director of the Vancouver Opera society presided over the event, told […]

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