Alright fine I got one.

I am now amoung the cell phone crowd. My pay-as-you-go Virgin phone ended up costing 40$, and using it should cost me about 15$ a month, except for the first few months which will only cost 10$ a month.

My number is awesome: 778 323 3123. Or, if you will have it, 778-3232-123. Best number ever!

DO NOT call me on my cell unless you have ALREADY tried me at home (604-877-0115). Actually, don’t call my cell phone until you have phoned my home phone TWICE because it only rings 3 times and I can’t figure out how to change that.

EDIT: I’ve got a great solution to this, I’ll just leave it off when I’m at home, and my message will have my home phone number in it.


What are your favorite podcasts? If people respond, this would be a good oppertunity to trade some interesting music by proxy.

My favorites (other than CBC radio 3) are:

In Our Time (BBC radio 4) – a history/philosophy/literature/culture/religion show which covers a different topic for 45 minutes each week.

This American Life – just plain fun. Some feel good stories, some painfully topical first hand accounts of current issues which relate to a daily topic.

Skiing Whistler with Neal

To be fair, I’m a bit sore and my left knee has seen better days – but on the whole, what a day! After a million hickups – renting skiis and snowpants (thanks a lot M.B.), we hit West Cirque for the first run of the day, then through Christmas trees. The whole way down, we were first – that means fresh tracks. Also, “4cm” was more like 10 or 15 cm up there. The rented skiis performed beautifully, I danced atop the deep powder, and even Neal said my turns looked pretty good.

to give you an idea what West Cirque looks like, here’s a picture:

We also hiked “Whistler’s inbound backcountry experience”, which was great except I felt like I was going to die hiking all that way with my ski gear on. The hike We skied the left side Flute Chute, that’s this one:

I didn’t have as much fun as Neal in the trees, or when visibility was zero, or bombing through populated runs at breakneck speed. I’m not sure I would move here and ski 100 times a year, but it sure is nice to have the skill to enjoy it when I do come up.

A phone?

Apparently, I’m making an anti-statement by not having a cellphone, which is a unstatus symbol since it’s a symbol of status that I don’t have one.

But arn’t cell phones rediculously expensive (always in deceptive ways). My x girlfriend sometimes ran her cellphone bill up to hundreds of dollars a month. Hundreds!

But wait, Virgin is neither Telus nor Rogers. Also, they don’t have contracts. What they have is phones starting at 59$, and this neat plan which is 40cents a day plus 10 cents a minute. Isn’t that neat! That means you only get charged on days you use the phone – otherwise they arn’t charging you at all. There are no monthly charges for 911, for voicemail, for system activation charge, none of that. Taxes, of course, are as certain as death. (More certain, actually, since death is always something put off which lays out in an obscure horizon, whereas you actually encounter taxes in experience). So, if I kept my landline and used it for all calls at home, it might not cost so much.


So what are we going to do now?

If you are like me, you are lamenting the recent loss of a friend to deepest, darkest Africa. While we’re all sure of his technical ability to install computer networks (paradoxically, the only thing he is a little less than sure of), I think we’re all a little worried he’ll die. I mean, it’s Africa. My only other friend who’se been there got Malaria like, 8 times. Eight! Apparently it’s “not that big a deal”. My ass it’s a big deal!

Anyway, luckily, even if Jordie never comes back we’ll have lots to remember him by – starting with the great radio show that he’s been hosting on CITR for the last ? called “Lions and Tigers and Bears”. You can subscribe to the podcast by going here:

and clicking “subscribe in itunes” on the lower right. Or you can just click on the shows and listen to them from your browser. Or save them as Mp3s – there are lots of wonderful ways to archive Jordie in show form.

Unfortunately, for some reason Jordie isn’t planning on continuing his show from Deepest Darkest Africa. I can’t imagine why, maybe the commute the CITR booth would be a bit steep.

Strauss at VPH

Tonight I happened upon a free event (with free tasty treats) at the central library branch. It was an informal master class with 2 sopranos singing Strauss’ last 4 songs. Very difficult, beautiful pieces, setting a few of Hesse’s poems to music.

The musical director of the Vancouver Opera society presided over the event, told jokes, and elucidated very much about how these pieces are rehearsed, sung, orchestrated, and their relation to Richard’s life, death.

If anyone has a chance to see any more of these Vancouver Opera informal events, I highly recommend it.