A phone?

Apparently, I’m making an anti-statement by not having a cellphone, which is a unstatus symbol since it’s a symbol of status that I don’t have one.

But arn’t cell phones rediculously expensive (always in deceptive ways). My x girlfriend sometimes ran her cellphone bill up to hundreds of dollars a month. Hundreds!

But wait, Virgin is neither Telus nor Rogers. Also, they don’t have contracts. What they have is phones starting at 59$, and this neat plan which is 40cents a day plus 10 cents a minute. Isn’t that neat! That means you only get charged on days you use the phone – otherwise they arn’t charging you at all. There are no monthly charges for 911, for voicemail, for system activation charge, none of that. Taxes, of course, are as certain as death. (More certain, actually, since death is always something put off which lays out in an obscure horizon, whereas you actually encounter taxes in experience). So, if I kept my landline and used it for all calls at home, it might not cost so much.



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