So what are we going to do now?

If you are like me, you are lamenting the recent loss of a friend to deepest, darkest Africa. While we’re all sure of his technical ability to install computer networks (paradoxically, the only thing he is a little less than sure of), I think we’re all a little worried he’ll die. I mean, it’s Africa. My only other friend who’se been there got Malaria like, 8 times. Eight! Apparently it’s “not that big a deal”. My ass it’s a big deal!

Anyway, luckily, even if Jordie never comes back we’ll have lots to remember him by – starting with the great radio show that he’s been hosting on CITR for the last ? called “Lions and Tigers and Bears”. You can subscribe to the podcast by going here:

and clicking “subscribe in itunes” on the lower right. Or you can just click on the shows and listen to them from your browser. Or save them as Mp3s – there are lots of wonderful ways to archive Jordie in show form.

Unfortunately, for some reason Jordie isn’t planning on continuing his show from Deepest Darkest Africa. I can’t imagine why, maybe the commute the CITR booth would be a bit steep.


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