Skiing Whistler with Neal

To be fair, I’m a bit sore and my left knee has seen better days – but on the whole, what a day! After a million hickups – renting skiis and snowpants (thanks a lot M.B.), we hit West Cirque for the first run of the day, then through Christmas trees. The whole way down, we were first – that means fresh tracks. Also, “4cm” was more like 10 or 15 cm up there. The rented skiis performed beautifully, I danced atop the deep powder, and even Neal said my turns looked pretty good.

to give you an idea what West Cirque looks like, here’s a picture:

We also hiked “Whistler’s inbound backcountry experience”, which was great except I felt like I was going to die hiking all that way with my ski gear on. The hike We skied the left side Flute Chute, that’s this one:

I didn’t have as much fun as Neal in the trees, or when visibility was zero, or bombing through populated runs at breakneck speed. I’m not sure I would move here and ski 100 times a year, but it sure is nice to have the skill to enjoy it when I do come up.

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