Alright fine I got one.

I am now amoung the cell phone crowd. My pay-as-you-go Virgin phone ended up costing 40$, and using it should cost me about 15$ a month, except for the first few months which will only cost 10$ a month.

My number is awesome: 778 323 3123. Or, if you will have it, 778-3232-123. Best number ever!

DO NOT call me on my cell unless you have ALREADY tried me at home (604-877-0115). Actually, don’t call my cell phone until you have phoned my home phone TWICE because it only rings 3 times and I can’t figure out how to change that.

EDIT: I’ve got a great solution to this, I’ll just leave it off when I’m at home, and my message will have my home phone number in it.


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