Oceans don’t have guide posts


(See – Abram the Safety Ape! Dr. Moody the Hand Puppet! And RT – the robot teacher)

(Just remember not to say “fuck” on tv)


Tam Irving

I’m really very interested in going to see the exhibition of Tam Irving’s works at the Burnaby Art Gallery, which will be up till the 15th of april. It’s a bit hard to get to by bus so I’m willing to drive. Anyone fancy to come?


I’ll be attending a concert tonight at the Chan Centre, to see the UBC Choral Union and symphony orchestra. I’m not sure what their playing. It’s free. If you’re interested in joining me, meet at the Chan at 7:40, concert at 8pm

Featuring Bernstein’s Chichester Psalms and Gregson’s Missa Brevis Pacem


Not as good as Canada post. Here’s why: If you arn’t there to sign for your package, and you live in a building so they arn’t going to leave it out front, it goes back to their station in Burnaby. With CanPost, I could go pick my ipod up at the local post office in the mall, but with Fedex I’d have to go all the way to burnaby (lame), so I have to wait till tommorow to recieve my beloved ipod!

Poetically Man Dwells
upon the Eath

Men in Trees

I got my first day on a show this year today with “Men in Trees”. I actually enjoyed getting up at 4 am for my 6 am call time. Mostly, I sat or stood around all day and watched circus.

The amount of carbon emmisions produced to shoot a few scences of tv or film is simply astounding. I wonder if anyone has done some math for how many tons of carbon per second were produced on various shows or films. The brute figures wouldn’t interest me really though, what’s awful is the wasteful spirit it’s done in. For example, cars and trucks left running needlessly (it isn’t -40 folks!), food being thrown out, and generally lots of waste being produced. Not to mention everybody smokes and throws their butts everywhere (somehow I dodged cleaning those up today?)

In other news: I have a car of my own now! My parents 1988 Ford Taurus station wagon. I’d like to be able to name it, like Alaisdair and Joyce, but I think Jeff Zinzelmyer already named it when I was in highschool – it will always be known as either the taurus, or the Taur-ass. My father and I changed the break shoes, drums, bled the breaks, changed the oii, sparkplugs, silicone greased the cv joints. I still want to do a coolant flush (it seems to be running a little hot).

I want to take it on a trip!

Baudrillard dead

Not as famous as Derrida, perhaps farther from the truth of things. And yet, somehow, so much more useful. (Marxists always are). Marxists can be thinkers inasmuch as they begin to realize that the banal vision of communism is just as much a nightmare as capitalism. Anyway, this obituary is really quite good, anyone interested in paying tribute to one of the centuries greatest philosophers would do well to read it.