Shutdown day

Can you go 24 hrs without any computers? Get cash out in advance or from a teller, shop at stores which manage without high tech inventory systems, leave your ipod at home, and your cell phone. Many things we do still do not involve computers. Such as drinking, reading, writing by hand, taking photographs with film (although only if your camera is from the 70s or older), knitting, used clothes shopping, drawing, going to the park, cycling. Use a phone which plugs into the wall and doesn’t need batteries or a charger.

(Yes, I know getting cash from a teller and using any telephone at all involves using computers. This is as relavent as pointing out that our streets and buildings are designed by computers, or that the photos will be printed using computers, or that the labels on the beer bottles were designed using computers. The point is to withdraw from activities in which we encounter the object in a specific manner which is determined by the presence of a computer, not to cut ourselves off from everything that has gone near one. It’s about computers affection, not their material presence.)


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